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Cold because of off the difference between the hundred degree temperature outside in the fifty degree temperature inside through my lips are very chapter. Now I got going on here yes so charges feeling it right now but he did end up spending a few days there when he came away with a few things <hes> as we alluded to before he has a piece on the ringer today <hes> looking at the five most intriguing second year players from Summer League action specifically in Vegas Charts. You want to just run through some of the more interesting getting things that you saw out there yeah so the guys I wrote about <hes> Miles Bridges lani Walker Bruce Brown Jerome Robinson and then I went little homeless they're wrote about costs Kubo. He's probably not in the same level the other therefore guys but you know had the dream bit. He's he's interesting right he is. He's an interesting guy. I think there is some talent there. The mavs are planned along game bone for that twenty-one free agency who knows and but the other four with Miles Lonnie <hes> Bruce Brown Robinson they are all draft August not Bruce Brown with the Arthur all drafted in the middle of the first and I'm watching guys. It's like it's so much of their successes situational. You look at like miles bridges. He went eleven he won. Eleven twelve and now he's on a team where there's nothing else going on. He's going to be the guy eventually they'll give him every chance to succeed whereas Jerome Robinson taking a pick or two later he went never play in L._A.. It's just crazy how much like the context effects are careers ears how they're perceived yeah. It's particularly interesting because the the crop guys that you identified your modern players that just I don't know what their college situation was like I. I don't really spend much time watching college basketball but it seems like they didn't get picked highly but they play the sort of style that the game is going toward which is particularly interesting because in last year's draft class you had so many big's going at the top of the draft and third seem to be still this <hes> kind of dissonance between acknowledging that wings who shoot three's play this type of style that the game is headed toward in particular in playoff basketball and yet the most talented guys coming out. Were still big men so I wonder how much they could adaptively. I guess a lot of them have adapted surprisingly enough Marvin Bagley even de'andre and had a good rookie season some like pretty much all of them at the top did but these guys still fell L. probably farther than they should have is fair to say well. It's interesting so last year's draft. If you go from like eleven to twenty four it was all wings all wings like six four six eight wings. It was just massive run from like S J eight eleven all the way to Chandler Hutchison twenty four and like if you look at the odds and those drafts two or three of those.

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