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Exactly what was going on the toilet camera. That's okay it's cool kidding. I now know. The title of my book wreck cursed curse of the narrows by laura mcdonald road kirstie alley hot and star trek to good volkan. That's true way. Better than the robin curtis as the same character in three and four connections. Yeah yeah ok. You select them. Though i'm gonna play no hand in selecting them that they're just registered down down the line. Okay now all you have to do here. Swipe don't ever swipe the other direction whatever you do though holy together all right. Here's everybody here's everybody off. Everybody get ready. Cause standard is gonna read these masterful. And we're going to. It's going to close. And i'm so sad you can't hear the music. I don't understand why. I can hear anything so it doesn't matter any of these local. Yes i'm supposed to supposed to read the locations. I cannot remember all right are good. Lisa shimpei is a dirty skunk ho scary offer. My god. that's my lisa. Ship slammed pick from scary. Sheila sleep with anyone and lies her way through life bed to bed. She loves playing. The victim yet goes out of her wet day man angry type of reading the typos to destroy people around her. She would rather do drugs and us men than take care of her kids and tells anyone who sleeps with. She loves them. But tosses them aside and the minute. She lives off the county in lies about not being able to work. There's no issue scamming the government out of money. She's also sucking off the owner ironhorse tattoos. She's old enough to be father for free inc. Stay away from this pig unless you like taking meds for herpes. Oh wow you should fuck and find her she going fuck in. You'll get ironhorse tattoo. Yeah exactly like you can step up to the mic. Yeah that's up to the my drive out to go harry getting the ring ring. An excellent I'm going to read. I'm gonna read what. I think this is supposed to say. Then re a vanity plate in the in the in the title of Ex manager e. x. Space mgr at digi royal road and fm. Eight twelve cedar creek. Your name was sherry. Five foot eight inches tall. I loved her physique. The nearly full sleeve tattoos on your arms and no. You didn't have a ring on. So i'm looking at takeout. I heard you don't work there anymore. But don't mean i am any less interested in you. If you remember me from the other night. I do graveyard as i said so. Hit me up fuck. You can call me tartar sauce. Wow jesus starter. Sauces misspell was to this. Is this is from austin drunk. Turkey sandwich west seneca. You made a great turkey sandwich for me next time. Put your number inside the plastic container smiley emoji not winking smiley and with the hyphen nose. Like the and. I guess like you wouldn't do that with your work. Central new jersey because he knew the location. They clearly not to use. Sarah this is sarah at age important. Greg sarah wedgie girl. Sarah were emailing back and forth but lost contact. I was the guy looking to give you wedgies rewarding for your time hold nothing sexual. Justin wedgie nothing. Your pants can even stay on. She see this reach out. I'm still the same. Normal and outgoing guy was just internet totally normal. If you still have questions. I'll be happy to answer them. I will still reward former new jersey. Governor tom kean. be chinese. If you need me you'll be in my latex. Bodysuit philidelphia broke my leg right. It's brutal pandemic isolation. let's be watching way too much female nomination porn and we thinks i broke it now. I can't get excited or up without crying emotive. I'm convinced like a lot of people are not going to be able to get. Erect without somebody being horribly deformed. Soon it's gonna be really wild. Does he to the age of the steelers. God the guys who can still bring it. Does the piracy right there share instead of piracy. You're just fucking delivering steel said. I backyard. This is a bit of a sad use of a mexican miss connections. I'm gonna. I'm gonna skip this. No come on because it's not. It's not a sexual misconduct or a funny one. what is it now you it was. Where is my granddaughter. Three question marks you kidding. This is definitely sexual alan. You haven't been in touch for a while. So i am not sure where you are in. Your mother doesn't talk to me anymore. We had some great times when you would spend the weekend with me i miss. Oh god yeah. You're right this awful. If you can come over if i can come visit. Maybe i can give you a little allowance. I hope you see this response. I would love to see you as soon as possible. I like the sexual the code there. Wow oh god talkers. My adult film. Kate all right. I believe that's a location requests. I know it's actually southeast missouri. Want it wanting be in a fill mid for adults. It doesn't matter if it's a big one or a low wonder wanting to get it off the bucket list law wm here. No way we read the no punctuation perfectly. I liked it los angeles. Yeah howdy how do you sell. That's it well. I ted one ten screwed you too much. Rubber sub for use saint luoyang harrigan looking for dom top to use latex clad slate. I cannot host please sixty clean and well groomed almost no limits. Oma yeah except for hosting at your fucking married house. Jonesboro wanna go fishing strawberry. I will take grandpa d fishing or you can fish in my pond. Who okay Here we go sexy girl in home. Should've q that news. I love midland michigan. La county i was in the lighting department and home depot in midland on friday at approximately six pm in uk. No yup yup kane over and asked me if i needed help you also thanked me for my service military. You're cute and i should have asked you for your numbers so if you see this in your interested post a reply. I don't have one capacity to read that the way the guy who wrote it was too excited. No punctuation flying through anyone do tarot readings remote south beach you. Yes i do as oregon coasts out beat wrote. That sounds remote to me looking for someone who does remote readings. I have some questions. Thank you thank you some questions. Coconut milk eugene springfield. I'm guessing says oregon again.

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