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One two four O 9 that number again 312-409-4277. It's ten 38 traffic and weather together on the 8th, here's Brian peck. On the edens, we look good in both directions. The Kennedy inbound a little bit slow from Ogden to the Hubbard street tunnel 11 minutes from the Eden's junction into downtown out Bauer looking little slow right around foster two Harlem. It's an 18 minute drive out to O'Hare, but just 9 minutes out to montrose so really not that bad still. The O'Hare one 90 extension looks good eastbound and westbound, no major tie ups to get into or out of the airport this morning. On the Eisenhower, your 31 minute ride from the Jane Adams stood the Jane burn interchange, 13 man high men, 13 back out to mannheim 31 out to I 90, Stevenson looks good in both directions, just a little slow inbound as you approach to savo lakeshore drive probably some auto show traffic there around McCormick place, other than that looking pretty good inbound and outbound, I 57 will county. You're looking good, both northbound and southbound. Dan Ryan inbound is 12 minutes the merge in a downtown outbound a little bit slow from the Jane burn interchange to 18th, 14 minute ride out to the split I 57 good, bishop Ford and great shape to Saba lakeshore drive a couple of little slow spots around McCormick, other than that you're looking okay. Tri state toe away all the tollways are moving I 80 eastbound and westbound looks good and northwest Indiana in great shape this morning too. Next traffic at ten 48 news radio one O 5 9 wbmw AccuWeather forecast mostly sunny and milder for the rest of today, a bit of a breeze at times this afternoon with a high 51 tonight partly cloudy low 30 tomorrow cloud

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