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The collected poems of Langston Hughes. So I'm sure all of you know. Excuse me. Hughes was A. AFRICAN AMERICAN POET! at the very beginning of the twentieth century. Who was part of the Harlem Renaissance Harlem was the place to be probably in the world at the time. That likes to Hughes was a young man. It was really fabulously exciting. All kinds of things going on literature music art of all kinds. I'm going to read you a few poems of Hughes He wrote a bunch of poems that would reappear every now and then. Madam. Madam and that's Madam was some kind of Harlem Lady I. Don't know whether she. He means her to be a madam. You know running prostitutes or whether she's just a a a lady living in town. Anyway Madam and the newsboy. Newsboy Knox I the defender that was A. Local African American paper? newsboy knocks by the defender. These colored papers is a solid sender. I read all about the murdering news and who killed who with a lovesick blues. Then I read the lynchings and such. COME TO THE CONCLUSION! White folks ain't much. Then I turn over and read the scandal and the gossip column. Initials for handle. Than the pictures. Marvel looks well. But if JOE was my husband. I'd also looks well. It's just a matter of who is who. If I was Marva I'd be in the papers to. Wouldn't you? Madam in her might have been. I had two husbands. I COULDA had three. But my might have been. was too good for me. When you grow up the hard way, sometimes, you don't know what's too good to be true. Just might be so. He worked all the time spent his money on me. First Time in my life. I had anything free. I said. Do you love me or am I mistaken? You're always giving. And never taken. He said. Madam. I swear all I want, is you? Right there and then. I knowed we was through. I told him Jackson. You better leave. You got someone else up your sleeve. When you think you've got bread, it's always a stone. Nobody loves nobody. For yourself alone. He said. In Me, you've got no trust. I said I don't want. My Heart? To bust. Batum in the insurance man. Insurance man. I heard him knock. But he couldn't get in because my door was locked. We could go Tuesday. He came back again this time. I thought I'll let him in. Insurance, man said. It's paying time. Madam You are six weeks behind. I said Mr just let it slumber. I'll pay in. When I hit the number. Insurance man said. Suppose you're die. Who would bury you? I said why. I.

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