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Southern California on. ABC News Talk How you doing today. When although did you have a good fathers, day? Did I'm doing great. It's my first father as a matter of fact. I'm sorry. Okay so if I'm not being too nosy. What what? What is your wife Brittany do for you for father's Day. Well, she got me what I wanted. I wanted a a drill. Black, and decker drill. Drew. I love it. And would you? You're in pretty much. We said back in. Did nothing pretty much? Every day at does on Father's Day, you know. Yeah well the reason I'm laughing so hard is because we've got We've got Jason Harris coming up on the show today and Autumn Conley I'm GonNa Issues Her introducer and just a second, but he's the author of the art of persuasion and I'm so excited to have him on the show I'm actually quite honored but I was GonNa tell him. My Dixon drill joke Have you ever heard me say it remember? I have you ever. You've never heard me how? My dixie drilled a joke. Okay, so there's a new liquid Viagra and now you can go home and pour yourself a stiff one. And and the pharmaceutical name of it. Is My Dixon drill. Delivering. US that a playboy. Twenty years ago and my favorite joke and and I always crack myself up and I've never stopped laughing about it, but you know one of the things that Jason is a master at is the master or the art of storytelling, and so I'm not the best storyteller because I got I let little details like trip me up, but I in his as well as stories like a joke so I was thinking maybe. Maybe I might tell him that joke, but we'll see I don't know if I have the guts to do it well, we'll see how the how the show goes, but you know. I always love having autumn Conley on on the line with us. She lives in the Sky Islands of Arizona with her three kiddos animal babies. She is the creator of and Ville Traditional Healing I've got actually her plant based keep. Keep keeper. Starter Kit right here in my hand. Because I intended to do it this weekend, but I didn't get to it yet, but I'm going to. I didn't have the right jars, so I gotTA. I gotta get the right jars before I do it, but you know she is a issue like I said. She's the creator of this product and bill traditional healing, and it's a company dedicated to restoring microbiome health. Health, through diet, you can follow her on Instagram at and Ville traditional healing, and autumn is also a dear friend and a self-talk Vegan Chef, a serial Gardner and an avid believer in and.

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