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Police in Aurora say they're checking out Hollywood casino right now after security said that a man walked into the casino and made what appeared to be threatening statements officers have. Evacuated the casino a parking deck, Anna neighborhood business and the bomb squad is on its way out to check the man's car. All as a precaution. Nobody's been hurt. But we'll keep you posted on any developments getting county sheriff looking to make it easier for opioid addicted in me, the sheriff Ron Haines says he's spending twenty five thousand dollars generated from sales in the jails commissary to fund a pilot program, offering medical treatment and counseling for inmates going through withdrawal. Last year. He says three hundred forty people went through withdrawal while locked up, and they get only ibuprofen and Pepco biz mall. The courier news reports. The sheriff is also reinstating strip searches after deputies found eighteen bags of heroin and the jail last month. Mike Crausser NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM. President Trump's revisiting the idea of a parade around July fourth weekend after an earlier procession that he had ordered was canceled. He wanted a military parade last Veterans Day, but that was bagged after officials saw in. Estimated ninety two million dollar price tag. Now the president's floating event around July fourth a salute to America parade. It'll be a really a gathering as opposed to a parade. I guess you'd have to say something he says could become a tradition. The Lincoln Memorial is among the sites under consideration the benefit there. The National Mall already has a July fourth extravaganza, get free fireworks because it's already been done. Saga megani? Washington any reported in the UK calls. Her regulators who oversee online platforms Facebook Google to help weed out fake news king crisis government commission review says tech foams should be obliged to help us understand the origin of news articles and the trustworthiness of their sources. She says a regulated is needed because this task is too important to leave entirely to the judgment of commercial entities. That is reported Charles de LA desma WBZ news time, four fifty three market news coming up the gift of diamonds for the price of flowers, JC Penney. Save up to seventy.

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