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Is on my two 'cause i believe that she was na the way wasn't a rain it was her with lunch bazaar regicide own rolls royce killed solid flag day like american you imagine me hitting a rolls royce and i might look what can i do because of the we will need to get insurance volved that's gonna be expensive but look she got to do as he has to do and a lot of people on social media was saying leg you have all of this money lack of you are not heard then don't follow repore lie give the person of break but she did she was like in the ambulance for like an hour so but she never went to the er i don't think bub here how do you feel about that league because she has a little meat have more money than the personalink i mean even me like someone accidentally hit me before allocating out a red light and they hit me and literally i felt there and i doubt out and i'm like did you just hit my car and those like this girl she was like my eighth she's said i am so sorry and on leg i was kind of irritated but i wasn't her there was nothing wrong with my karnam leg announced like okay this laguiller loyd's all kind of like a view of your car is undamaged and you're not hurt then let it go like it's not worth all the paperwork to me for fish is not like dealing with insurance all that stuff 'cause i absolutely hit a car to and dana album cells are known it was that i really it was an honest mistake like i mike i just didn't have my foot although on bargain those whose like if it's an honest mistake but let me tell you in january this move fokker rove out.

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