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He had a great report with cars wins. And so those to tidy are going to be huge. So I love this move. And they only gave up a third round pick. I get that Philly drove the price up for Markku because they had a second round pick on the table and Dallas one of the receiver because we're gonna talk about Jerry, what he said about the reason why they made this move, which we we talk about that. But anyway, they drove the price up because they had a second round pick on the table more Amari Cooper data's one Amari Cooper. So they had to go to first round pick so third with the consistency. Golden Tate or verse in inconsistency Amari Cooper. Yeah. I think the eagles got the better end the deal. And I think for this year. I think golden Tate will be the better of the two receivers. So before I get to my answer you were talking about the new way the rookie contract of the rookie quarterback or the young quarterback. There's still the old way to do it up in New England. They still have a forty one year quarterback in the past just stood Pat yesterday. And I I don't know. I think they're still pretty good. What we've seen is that these new way of quarterback. They're not gonna give you the hometown guests count that Tom Brady giving the patriots over the last fifteen years another point for Tom Brady. Thank you for not make one. So my mother didn't teach me a whole lot. But she did always say to me you get what you pay for. She always said that to me. She's pretty smart when it came to deal with money. Choose a Bank teller for awhile ran a little restaurant for a while. Dallas got the most because it paid the most. It got exactly what it paid for and Philly got exactly what it paid for. It got the equivalent of a third round pick. That's what the bang for the buck will be with golden Tate. And I I respect him having play like a first round pick. That's what you're telling me. I'm telling you that as a rookie and as sophomore league he made the Pro Bowl then he had an off year last year. He got caught in the crossfire of a really sorry unloading situation. Jon Gruden taking over and just saying I'm going to start here. That's why I'm saying last year. What happened? I said he had an off year last starring to unravel to provos at your first two years. So to me Amari Cooper has star power. He's got higher ceiling. He's got more upside golden Tate is what he is. And what he'll always be which is pretty good. I've never made a Pro Bowl any made one. Team. That's two to one. Okay. But Amari Cooper is this possible. He's only twenty four years old. He's only in his fourth year and golden Tate his thirty years of age and his ninth year. So golden Tate for that third rounder is in the final years of his contract. So he was just what a rental, Shannon. Is that right? Mark Cooper still has another year on his deal. So Dallas invested a first rounder for the long haul. Right because they got a star who's already a proven star who will turn back into a star for them. How do you know that? I'm just I just feel like, oh, you know. Well, you know, they got some back in in the bat do it. Yes. Cane or something to rub on that. You got we're going to talk about a Markku Amari Cooper was the fourth overall pick for reason because he's got star power and golden Tate fell to the bottom of the second round because he's just a pretty good football player. So around the Tom Brady to he's. I just shattered. Chattering shattered at early and he shattering late because he's still playing at the highest level at age forty one. But you can't seem to come to grips with that or make peace with that. Because it haunts you like Halloween haunts. I'm good with. Here's my thing. You keep saying Cooper has the upside I care about production. I care about performance right now though in two years from now. Okay. That's fine. But what about right now? Because limb ask you this. And I've been on that you were talking. I wrote it down, you know, I wrote it is it possible that we've seen the best Amari Cooper aid is I to you know, why do you leave that east twenty four?.

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