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Thank you as we've said the repeal and replace bill has been written entirely by republicans but if the bill fails an increasing number of senators have suggested that a bipartisan bill might be the only option left this week i sat down with two senators a democrat tom carper of delaware republican bill cassidy of louisiana and ask them what it would take for the two parties to come together and help we went missing here is the the chance to do what what i call regular order and there's action great value if you have introduced a bill we have a time some time to read it we actually have a chance to hold hearings discussions the touch the cbo director and see what the implications of and if we could do that if we go through that process and a chance of offers from amendments in committee we would end up with much better plane when does the reset button get hit windy and i think we have to i think we've had it but center cast antle think leadership your side of the aisle leadership thinks were ready to hit the reset button just yet i agree with some of with tom just said i disagree with other we need governors involved i for one of cold governors on both sides of the including my own including those from other states but i don't know susan collins of nine four the republicans put forward something called the patient freedom act which was a concerted effort to reach across the aisle gale wolinsky who was h w bush is kind of head of cms if you will she said listen if democrats will not sign onto a bill such as cassidy collins patient freedom act in which they'd get to keep exactly what they have now with just a five percent haircut they're not serious about working with others.

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