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Coming down from rain him down this way it all of a sudden, the blew through the stop sign and then hit the count. It accommodated three sixty day. Hit the telephone pole to driver of the SUV Thirty-three-year-old, Sherry Vasquez is being charged with driving negligently and leaving the scene. She's facing potential charges as well as Rhode islander Gordon Ernst faces national college admission scandal charges from his time as the Georgetown University, tennis, coach the scandal is leading the school to expel to students towards town, hasn't identified the students, but says they've been notified of the action Ernst is accuse to taking millions of dollars in bribes to get students admitted into the university has tennis recruits, the first group of students taking advantage of Rhode Island's free college tuition program graduating nearly three hundred students who walked across the stage at last night's community college of Rhode. Commencement ceremony, where the first ones to take part in. Governor Raimondo's Rhode Island promise scholarship program. The governor wants to expand the program to include Rhode Island college President Trump says his new immigration reform plan will help all of our people. Our proposal is pro American pro immigrant and pro worker. It's just common sense. Speaking at the White House yesterday, the president said his plant will create a fair modern and lawful immigration system. He insisted his plan fully secures the southern border with a massive wall. Boeing says it software fix for the ground at seven thirty seven max jet fleet is just about good to go. The company said it hoped to have the fixed completed in about six weeks, but it took them fourteen. Now they have to wait for the FAA to approve the software fix before their jets can take off again. The jets were grounded around the world. After two international flights crashed killing a total of three hundred fifty people students at Malaysian elementary school. Breaking a Guinness world record for the world's largest music lesson over twenty eight hundred students at a school in the city of Joe Hoban ru spent thirty minutes learning how to play baby shark on the ukulele. They surpassed the twenty four hundred students who learned how to play the Carina at a Japanese school in two thousand fourteen NewsRadio nine twenty one zero four seven FM sports. The Bruins are headed to the Stanley Cup final. They completed a four-game sweep of the hurricanes with a four to nothing win in game four of the east finals that Carolina. The Bruins are going to take on either the San Jose Sharks, or the St Louis blues next the Red Sox were off last night. They welcomed the AL west leading Ezra's to Fenway park tonight for the start of a three-game series. Rick Portillo opposes Garrett Cole Boston is twenty three and twenty four Beck in the AL east PawSox. Meet Gwinnett, this evening pregame coverage starts at five thirty five on NewsRadio nine twenty four seven FM. Get news on demand, twenty four seven at NewsRadio RI dot com. Now, more of.

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