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A second gotTa load. Sniping no alarm. System very weak. In a look who's tackled to the ground? That's Tim Drake. But I mean I can understand not having. Lived in an. APARTMENT IN A. Not Although, you know you have nine of you probably should but see time. You've got suspicious if you put in a law on a kind of crap apartment. What brings you down the blood haven changes. The scenery thought you told me the town. He didn't send you a check on me. I know this is like where sometimes it gets a little. Like having a Dick Measuring contests your guys like lawyer role here. sievelike slow like I came down on my own. Okay me, some attitude is like all right I'm just you know. Tightly wound because I haven't solved this mystery. Even, though who knows how long it's been. Not that long. Yeah, I mean again. It's only been. There's only two issues between what we discovered, so it's like. Can't be that. So, they the jump lines. Go and talk to a lawyer. maximes them some details, a mob lawyer Maxwell breed who? I met I. Believe in the previous in issues, four and five. Because he says I saved your daughter's life maths. Said, anything I could do where that stands up. I made that promise under duress somewhat accountable spoken like a true lawyer. I'm surprised you don't. Surprise, you don't his when Utah. Over so. While this guy's crooked lawyer. Right! Yeah, he is. So anyway they go to check out snappy drycleaners. Him hanging out. On, Whoa, yeah, because he because he caused. Ga just makes a takes a gamble and says the cops known here. Doubly Soem sent me. So M-, so that it gives them the information. Just a haunch yet came to me. Wait allocated land ova. Kill me! Like, oh! Now. We have this little, which actually pretty decent. This little meditation on the different Robbins. Live like no. We're not the same kind of Robin. Athlete, I have to work at it. The exit cerebral better. The computer soft-. Than, as a sign of like you, always which you can have some hundred mind your knowledge your. Yes. So, far I'm not have to detect it you are. People to be I think a lot of people say inspired. Certainly this early on I think it's very. Good detective instincts but more. To Put A. Dick's wanting a lot of ways. I think you're the better partner for him. I was a little, always a little impulsive impatient. You compliment him more. With that is I don't think in the beginning. WAS THAT IMPULSIVE IMPATIENT? I think that's something. They've tried to wreck on in a little bit well. That's what that's what to me. That's what Tim says. He has yeah, but that was later on. You know in the early days you guys were like. A Well oiled, machine. Says, you compliment him more and I. Don't think that's true. I-. Rosen Tim are very similar, but that's complementing each other that being similar. Why think I think back in the day? I think it was more like you know. Bruce would say jump and Tim would say how high I think now, was it? More than anything. That's like complement each other, because when you complement each other like together, you make a stronger whole right like you know. Weaknesses Dick Strength so they complement each other yeah risen. Very similar tim isn't necessarily. In the early days certainly. Challenge challenging him. That's kind of what I think is I think I? Don't know I. DO think that Tim off laments better I, think Tim Bruce Their brains work in a similar fashion. Yeah, that's not a compliment. That's not complementing each other events like. Being on the same wavelength. In so that were until that works for them, but you know it's also good to have a partner. That's not on the same wavelength. Because you know you're both on the same wavelength. Then you're always looking at one thing and you might miss something else. Then this I mean this changes eventually, but you know Tim says all he ever be Bruce's partner. You know Tim's like you left the cave and became night wings. So that's not me. I PLAN ON I. Don't plan on taking over for him someday. Do Shift as Robin and then go back to a normal life. Works. Wanted to be a hero I'm happy being Robin yes. But it changes. But yet Timbo once you get in. Get out now, Tim, so that's why. Then? Yet so that why I? Like I just like slightly. Leaving like you complimented more because I don't think compliment is the right word I don't think he's saying. You like only means you've complement each other. He means you tour on the same wavelength, but when? You're different. You're also way more like than either one of you over it. Only drew. I just love this shot of like you know. Tim Watching the street in Dixie Sandwich with his arm around them. So cute. No I mean I guess. Like enhances or improves, but just seems like. Compliment MS cases better than alike, not being the same, but. Yes, but yeah, it's fun how they're also. The premiums are so tiny I now I guess they can fit in their belt. The, we see the US meeting up with ME, again. He said you sent him. He said it was kosher and that's on earth, you. That unfortunately a deadly murders alantic having a nightmare, which doesn't just kind of tie in some stuff, heavens a little bit later in the book like ten and eleven of which have. which I think went through next Kind of. Got Of nightmares His Robin catching the kid Sleep on the roof Kim's like wake up the bag. Man's here. In twenty minutes like something's wrong, the like other take look around and right when he hops down. Exists. No. I'm just Robert Dole. Getting Ready to put a transmitter on the car, but he's like you're not Kim's theory. No, we're here. Is The car blows up? They come out start. A Fire God Rama's Meyer sponsor he stanley. Brother! I'll ever have. Coke you. Like my fault, trusting lawyer. So. Dick is kicking butt in taking names. Also. This cracks me up so afterwards he says okay to. Ears ringing like the morning after Marilyn Vance concert. Also nineties. What? The and then they throw the all the money into the buyer. Right to the money though burning up up. As the cash got five words really bad night at the ponies. A. I'm like I. Know I never understand that it's like why burn the money I mean again just like rated on poor people or something like He. Doesn't really have the opportunity to take the money at this moment I gassing someone else. But you know I'm always like you know. Drop it at a hospital or something. And, then, of course, we have this moment where the. Argument till Bruce. Cutting it like amount, here's spy less. You let I'll tell them you're making a difference must be if they go to..

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