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But you know as well as i as i can change literally tonight and she can be a lunatic in a monster but again without the house we could. We literally could not do this. Yeah it's great to have that support system. I'm sure they seek considerate. Shouldering a blessing. You know so. It really works out now. What would you consider todd here to be the top values that you hope to instill in your daughter growing up I i want her to be mentally. Tough 'cause i feel like in this day and age. Your mental toughness is is at a premium in a way. That when you and i were growing up i never felt. I had to be mentally tough. I developed a certain level of mental toughness through sports at the silly level that i played. I mean i wasn't playing in college And through academics and just through life. But i feel that the the pressures that are on these kids from every different angle and in last year that the covert pressures really forces you to have a level of mental toughness that If you want to succeed in this world and it's sad that we've gotten there but as a dad it's my obligation to prepare for the real world and so that's my number one goal. My number two goal is to really make sure that she grows up as much like her mother as possible because I i was out with a buddy of mine. Who knows both my wife and i yesterday. And he has some really. He described my wife in a way that that really jumped out at me and he says you know your wife is one of those people that You know she can hang with the guys but no nobody's going to take advantage of her and i thought about that and like my wife. I think my wife is gorgeous. Obviously the most gorgeous woman. I've ever met you know. And i like all the feminine attributes of her but in a come to think of it even when i was in the dating mode and you know how guys can be i. I never heard guys talking about her. In a crass way and i feel is that's because she exuded a certain level of self respect. And i want i want to somehow make sure that that. That's that the little baby. When she grows up to be a woman. Has that and i feel confident that my wife sort of charter the path for that. Because you know if you're strong woman in today's society it really does help you and My wife's a strong woman. And i'm looking forward to that That might be just an observation on my part. I don't know if i'm going to be able to be the coach on that. My wife might need to take the lead on that. But i'll certainly be encouraging along the way and if there was a third i think we all wanna have our kids not make the mistakes that we made I don't want her. My parents didn't put pressure on the. I put a lot of pressure on myself to to. I don't wanna say impress my parents but to be a good doobie and they tried to sort of say you know. Just be happy. Just live your life. And i didn't listen so i'm gonna try my best to convince them that kicked him in the little one to really focus on being happy You know if she's anything like her father she'll try to impress us anyway and i certainly hope that that doesn't come at the expense of her own happiness because i felt like subjugated a lot of my own happiness along the way Just to sort of please others even though they were not asking to be please So those are my three. Yeah very well said todd and then what about now. I know your daughter is only eight months now. So it's really for this but What was the what was your relationship like with your parents growing up. What was the discipline style. Like with your parents and is that kind of discipline style. You plan on implementing a timeout guy. Spanker what was the discipline style like when you grew up. I'm forty three years old so You know the whole time now thing was was was not happening back. Then i'm from jersey You know there's a lot of hitting jersey but you know my dad didn't like to hitting I think my dad used to cry. Then he used to have to hit us like tone sex. Ain't my dad's a worst but You know my my dad can can lose his temper just like any any good italian male but my dad did not like it in the belt. My mom was a wooden spoon person because her mom before it was a wooden spoon. And i feel like the wooden spoon is a important part of italian culture but i was pretty good k. My brother's a pretty good kid. The only time that we get in trouble because when we were like bothering each other Really that's the only time. The wooden spoon came out of the threats of of spanking came out. We're pretty good kids the one other time. I did a girl when i was three. And so my mom bitney back. You know that was a physical nece here. You know so what we're gonna do. I'd like to say we had this huge discussion about this So far so good. You know the kids not kids. Not needing reprimanding I think we're gonna you know we need to talk about that. Flush that a little bit more. i just i. if there's any hitting involved. I think it's going to have to be the wise i i i can't. I can't look at the little one that i'm going to smack her on her bottom You know anytime she. She's sitting up and she likes falls over if i go into like a defcon five. Unlike so i. I don't know if i could even in reprimanding raise a hand to her but but we'll figure that out but you know i. It certainly is a question But again i. I was a pretty good kid. I didn't i didn't necessitate a lot of reprimanding and again that goes back to my earlier. Point of of trying to be a good kid trying to to to not require punishment. Always try to keep my parents happy. And i think that's a testament to my parents that You know encouraged us to be to be good and they you know they rewarded us with You know i. It wasn't like now the trophy generation. Where everybody you you smile and you get a trophy but I just think they rewarded us with with positive reinforcement and I i had a pretty darn good childhood. You know i. my parents still alive. Don't see him this weekend. We fight more now than we did. Back then because as they get older sunny and And acting goofy yourself Almost my job to like keep track of them and make sure they're on the straight narrow not doing stupid things but Yeah i i had an awesome childhood. I i was pretty lucky. You hear horror stories out there. Yeah very cool tied now. Obviously they i remember having my first and like sometimes you in the beginning. You're you're very cautious about going out places in public with the baby because it's your first time you're very new to all of it now. During a pandemic. I would imagine that's kind of like twofold or even maximize have you guys been able to Breakthrough have you been able to take. Take her out and go places with her. Enjoy some experiences. Have you guys kind of limited. Her and kinda helped your home for most of the time i wanna say it's less about her less about the pandemic and more about like we don't have time. Art day are night together. Is saturday night. When we're all under one roof. And i gotta be honest. My wife and i look at each other like you want to go out to dinner. Let's bring it in so it's not. it's not really pandemic related. It's not her related You know with the shores really are going down the shore on weekends. Which is what we tried to do in the summer of the jersey. Shore have done it so much. Because you sound like. You're a northeaster Weather here is Is been horrific for the month of july pope in august. Improves hopefully going out a few more times and they were going to expose to a little bit more that way..

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