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And people often forget just how influential it was i didn't realize this until i went back and revisited amari history thing around vr emmanuel thing but but when brock when candidate barack obama wanted to respond to the the allegations about his former pastor reverend wright he just a blog on on her post than the huffington post and so it was a it was a thing that had an enormous amount of cultural currency and wait at the time and but now fastforward to 2018 we we actually have an a surfeit of platforms in which people can express themselves and we have the opposite problem of just complete cacophony there's so much information out there and we as a as a as a newsroom found that there was tremendous confusion about what is contributor content what is actual dribble is and that's been created by the huffpost newsroom and so at this point in our history it seemed to make sense particularly in the environment of fake news and all kinds of all kinds of nasty that's this going on in our business the payments well well and that in and for me that that was also a critical one is that if we wanted to increase the if we wanted to increase the quality of work that we were getting from our contributors we would need to commission pieces rather than just say if you wanna right right and it's my personal belief that if you commission someone to do something you have to pay them for it i mean forgetting paid for birkenau it's a good idea of the content is a good thing to pay for.

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