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Before they're gone. It's time for more with coach Jim Harbaugh for the rest of his brigade comments. Let's throw it back to Jim Brandstatter back with head coach Jim Harbaugh. Jim you mentioned coaching our last segment. One of the things I saw last week because you were coaching up Khaliq Hudson got targeting call second time, and you're really good with him in the locker room. How difficult is it to coach young man, who's an aggressive? Great defensive player. But there's that fine line now with the rule about targeting hook, tough is it. There's challenges. No question and the challenge for the defenders. These days is they're going to they're going to make a tackle. They're going to make a hit. And they can't press the pause button. You know, it's it's all happening in in in split seconds. So. But. Uncomplicated as you talking to click Hudson. Okay, you're going you're going to hit the quarterback, and he gets free lot. He's a he's a linebacker and he blitzes and and he's all over the field. So and he's coming at different angles. But and he gets he gets. He gets sacks and tackles for losses. But when you're dealing with the quarterback it's a strike zone. So the head and neck area is out of the strike zone. Ball. Don't don't don't him in the head or neck there near below you know, forcible contact to the knee or below the knee. So the strike zone is above the knee and below the neck, and and the other thing is don't hit that quarterback with your helmet. You'll hit him with the crown of your helmet, especially it's gotta be with the shoulder. And that's that's that's what the coaching lesson was there and a and Kelly gets it in. And I think he's got it now, but you know, directly during after the game, especially when you saw us talking. I mean. It's a motion all year. A you're trying to do. So well, you're trying to do a good job. And when you step on those on those white lines, it gets it's chaos out there, you know, it really is. I mean, people are hitting each other and your head's on a swivel and the game is going so fast with the with the how good the athletes are these days and and. Offenses that it's not like back in our day where they they block seven guys. Sometimes the only black five get five eligible is out into the pattern. So deep defenders are getting there. But yeah. After after thanks to settle down a chance to. Talk to click and coach him up. I think he's going to be better. I think he gets it. He's such a phenomenal player. You wanna you wanna play with? To the rules, as you know, they've they've changed over the last couple of years and mostly for the better, man. I know. No it. You know, some of the rules makers. May not have played or you know. I haven't really got this completely down. But guys are adapted. Guys players will adapt. They wanna do they wanna do the right thing. And they want to do within the rules. Do the right thing against the Wildcats. Okay. Yes, sir. We gotta we gotta we gotta we gotta be. Game. We gotta play pay up to our capabilities and play really well for sixty minutes. It's going to take that and excited for the competition. Looking forward to it. Thanks, jim. Good luck. Thanks, jim. Jim Harbaugh prior to the kickoff Michigan against northwestern from here. And I would since stay with us. This is Michigan football. The pre-game.

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