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Look ahead to the weather today. Thursday, December twentieth with just eleven days left in two thousand eighteen I though we go back on this day. It's December twentieth. Nineteen twenty as an English born comedian named Leslie towns hope becomes an American citizen is lived in the United States since nineteen eight and becomes one of the nation's top stars of radio movies and television, better known, of course, as Bob Hope beginning in World, War Two and for decades after hope goes to war zones to entertain the troops. So let's go back to Christmas nineteen sixty seven in Vietnam. Better known as dodge city. That is one of my favorite stop. Country. And the guy because it has such a wonderful location. It's so handy to downtown Hanoi. And I wanna tell you folks, these marines really tough one guy beat dean, John Wayne. And he said, John Wayne who she? And their motto is separate Padilla's. That means oh, don't worry about a doc. Just nail back on. And I bring you great news in the land of.

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