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Your tools already it's worth checking out sumo logic and seeing if you can leverage your data even more effectively with real time dashboards and monitoring and improved observability to improve the up time of your application and keep your day to day runtime more secure checkout sumo logic dot com slash s e daily for a free thirty day trial of sumo logic find out how sumo logic improve your productivity in your application observability whenever you run your applications that's sumo logic dot com slash se daily thank you to sumo logic for being a sponsor of software engineering daily interesting and if what you're saying is true then your requests drive down the price because if you're typically deferring to the lower priced purchase price of an exchange then you're probably driving down prices overall yeah a musher that means we're driving down price it depends on the markets now sometimes the markets just going one way we see this all the time you know like a theory or bitcoin is just rising like crazy in some some types of market scenarios at everyone wants to buy and they want to speculate as to you know maybe which one of these they think is gonna be higher a few moments from now and things like that that drives a lot of that action sometimes upwards so i wouldn't say necessarily boost prices down i would say that shape ship in many ways because we addressable spokes changes kind of forces like version of arbitrage almost where it won't necessarily force the price down but it will eventually force exchange prices together.

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