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Corruption charges Grady Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrives it accord in Jerusalem as protesters outside demand his resignation. He's on trial for alleged bribery, breach of trust and fraud. Prime minister stated the hearing for only 20 minutes before leaving without explanation. His trial is resuming six weeks before Israel holds elections, with Netanyahu hoping to remain in power boxes. Simon Owen America is listening to Fox knees. Use radio K L B J I'm John Cooley. This news the surface of paella. Austen calm North Austin and Cedar Park Area. Commuters may have a very different drive time later this year is central Texas. Reachable Building authority Tamps, a builder for the 1, 83 North Mobility Project, Great Hills Contractors and CTR may are beginning contract negotiations to add on to express Lane. Jeans and a general park bristling in each direction between MO back and highway. 45 Williamson County officials gave a covert vaccination effort. Update. County Judge Bill Gavil says To date more than 52,000 residents have received at least one shot were beginning to move. Higher race speed, really doing a really good job and multiple areas. Voters are expected to make a call this spring on shipping Austin to a strong mayor form of government, giving the mayor veto power over the council. And the responsibility of managing the city's operations. Citizen position to make. The change was certified last month council could vote this week to adopt the change can be J. Radar. Weather Watch 70 degrees 57 Get Austin News on Demanded news. Radio K L B J com Live and local every afternoon to before. This is Marc, Melinda and Ed on news, Radio, K l b J Call or text them in 51283605 90. Thanks for taking my call now. Marc Melinda and hello, Melinda..

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