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Yeah. And so on a regular basis what is the lifestyle. Look like for Seth Rollins. It's chaos. You know, it's it's chaos. We're we're on the road two-thirds of the year. I would say at least so, you know, wrestling probably around now a hundred maybe a hundred and eighty matches a year hundred hundred sixty to one hundred eighty matches a year, I would say between live events television paper. Review overseas tours, all that stuff, and then you have travel in media on top of that. So again, probably on the road, and or traveling two hundred two hundred twenty two and thirty days a year would be my guess, if you're healthy fulltime used all the time. And I'm in that position where I'm fortunate thirty two years old in good health knock on wood in good health. And the company relies on me to do a lot of legwork as far as promoting shows. What does the daily so? Okay. You landed yesterday. You went to San Jose today even events segment of what does that day? Look like for you. What does the week look like for you? So at standard week for me is re will leave our first show on a Friday. So that's like my Monday. Right. So that's how this how I segment my week. So I always have an early flight live in a small town. So I have to connect. So I'll usually I live in Davenport, Iowa, so our airport small so shutout out the little regional airports gets all all the hubs. But it can get me where it needs to go in one stop usually. So. I have. But I have a six am flight Friday morning. So I gotta get up to flight to get to where I'm going. Friday's usually a arrested for me as far as training is concerned because I like to train when I'm home just getting a better groove. So Friday, I'll get into the town. I usually find a coffee, I find some food. Just something to relax chill will do the show that night. I'll probably get to the building around five thirty the show starts at seven thirty. I've been on last lately. So we'll get done at ten Tom shower nod of the arena, it's eleven then I'll have a drive so for this week. For example, we are actually Nashville on Friday. So I flew from home to Nashville Friday did what I just said. But then we had another flight Saturday morning. So we flew Nashville to LA met up with. Josh I went over to Paradiso and got into work out with a couple of our friends there hung out for a few hours. But then we drove two hours after that after the workout and some food and coffee, we drove two hours up to Bakersfield because we had an event there. So we had the event gins. Seven thirty get done at eleven then after that for our drive four hour drive from Bakersfield to San Jose. So that was interesting we got into three in the morning and had to be at the arena the next day at eleven mind you yes. So we get in at three, and that's not go to sleep get to the hotel like okay cars off. So then you gotta get in unpack do your thing. Get ready for bed by time. You're asleep as four AM. But then you gotta get up eat breakfast and be at the arena by eleven and for me, I'm before fan. So I had to get up and watch on the west goes you start your games at ten ham here. So I'm like, losing my mind. I wanted to get off. Yeah. I wanted to get up and watch my team. So we woke up five hours sleep, four hours asleep. Whatever it was and when got some food aid ate some breakfast, watch football games stuff like that. But I gotta be at the building by eleven. So we're at the building from eleven until when we leave yesterday, Josh eight nine nine o'clock so Levin into nine o'clock doing work getting them. Match ready was a pay per view. So as a big big events over there all day long match, and then drove here last night's with friends and drove here last night. And then again, we're up this morning and we try to maximize sleep. We we did the fastest facet cardio this morning. So we just woke up drove straight here. Because I was like I don't even want to. I like you have to decide do I want to eat or do I wanna sleep?.

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