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Beloved color would become slotting him because we're to get rid of the terrible incumbent and and it the whole process would open up in changes in pads what we saw at the end of the day with but it didn't get couldn't seem to make that kind of a different arm at least when it came to electing went on and i'm really happy to hear the kind of active recruitment process on the that age happening on the least look inside i know what the project that's going on the california called a closed the gap california which is taking advantage of determined because wanted can be an opportunity you know what's coming and you can get are good recruitment and got a project more on the democratic side the progress that side you targets those hoping district and find and identify and get went into ryan for those eight but you know what you're runway is when you can really do feel targeting put the qualifying in his from real opportunities could turn those numbers around you taking advantage of those opportunities of karmanos closed the gap to one example it sounds like work is being on the republican side as well but it's not going to be hard to get recruits and i think it's going to make it a change and it's different and in that percentage of going and surveying and the california legislature and then he losses director of the center for american women in politics set the dalton instituted politics or rutgers university in let me just say this to all of our guests if you coming into the conversation announced causing up for people by phone here in the fourth vs amy allison senior vice president for power pack plus they're on organize focusing on organized group focusing on engaging most ire racial voters her new book which is coming on january's called she the people it's about the new politics.

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