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No no no no no no no no no no tello disco never disappoints just when you think. You've it all. Because if i say to you palo youtube dissolve this week know that he will get some and never know what i'm find. I never know that is a song called. Jasmine china goal from never heard of. It never heard my life note. No most ought with two zits was that was that. Would you like to know more about mossad's of course you wouldn't. There is no inflammation on the man. Okay the best that. I can find polish or hungarian. Okay he goes by the name. His real name is apparently paul. Landa video also uses the alias. Frank l. and mandy be men and in our running order just for your viewing just for your eyes only dory for now. We'll put it on a facebook. That eighty show is a beautiful picture of mandy be slash. saw it. I saw it he. Here's here's what's i'm from. Supreme central would call keybridge he. He that's a good cleavage. He has even. That's a good one. That is a good one. That is mozart. Probably the first time ever played within the borders of fact that we keep discovering new sons from the eighties. And i'm convinced they're making more. I'm convinced that they still pumping out. Eighty s music. How are you doreen this. I'm so good paula. i'm good so dory. Listen as you can tell a lot of static. Electricity the gremlins. I'm feeling uneasy. I feel strong because his presence is who around us. The charts of entre turns this week. I think he's gonna make a fool of us. Well we keep telling these mate. He's been too easy on something. He's listening listening. He's all listening. I treat i got some charts avant music year. Tell me no. You didn't cheat. No no no. No no doesn't want to hear. Some music wasn't date hit music music. Listen came good stuff. That's lock montage music from some dead eighties. Strangest stranger things vibe strange things in bad so yes. so that is a charts of music knicks. Tom year that the charts event will be on now. Dora cubans saying listen. Found something so spectacular. Ya not allowed to know about it. I'm not clicking links. Nothing well. I mean it's entirely possible. You do know about it but i'm really hoping you. I'm hoping i'm going to surprise you. So i get the daily maverick newsletter every morning and in the daily maverick newsletter there is a fact fact of the day and one day last week they was affected. I was lack. I need to dig into this facts. And i went down a rabbit hole and found something such kick lincoln play it and then i'll i'll elaborate afterwards. I'm never getting of. I've seen i've seen the name must play you. Change your life or one week because at that time of the month still using pads let me tell you straight tampax can change the way you feel about that time tampax. Tampons protect differently than a pad. So you feel cleaner feeling cleaners more comfortable. Plus more women use tampax than any other tampon or pad. Now that's something remember. there's a feeling with tampax. it can actually change the way you feel about your period now. Anyone who didn't recognize the do tennis palo who was that in that advert so i mean we're not childish enough to two often add like that. That's that's patna. That is courtney cox in nineteen eighty-five commercial. Correct correct now okay. I mean you know people that things before they did other things and she had the biggest body of work of all the friends before. Yeah but what is so groundbreaking about this ad. Polyp i mean apart from the fact that okay. She did make us ed before. She was on friends before she. She did other things before she was on. The tv shows We are aware of them. Cannot describe cannot describe the setting piece please do. it's a it's like a one. shot wonder. Rotted lots of shots. She's obviously a dancer. But she is like full-on fleshed on. I mean lack. foot warmers. I mean they get warm. League woman's warmer feet league woman's she's got purple tots on. I mean she's ready to flashdance right. I mean his. She's in a dance studio backstage. She opens her locker. She's backstage some dawn's thing pure nineteen ninety-five beautiful nece run in the middle eighty nine hundred eighty five. They've they've established they know what they want. They know what they're lock the. Pk eighty s. Yeah but listen to what was so groundbreaking about this advert. Before this edward the would period had never been used on american television if when describing a period what they always they always say that time of the month or something similar and this was groundbreaking that she used the wood period in the tampax ad. That is quite effect with dori sets cetera. Daily maverick toy. Which makes it true. When do you think this for first. Someone south african tv. I don't know. I mean obviously you must remember the ads that we were subjected to now youth with the blue liquid. Look i haven't watched. Tv ads in a very long time. Now so i have no idea what's up now but i remember the one with wings in those always like when our party our party much.

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