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Ever been the best. Why are you in Boston? There's this thing called Pax. I guess there's a bunch of them this once closer apparently. But out to Boston you play games. DM ing. No, no, I should have. If I had any forethought at all it would have been. Insane. How packs compared to a gen con I've never been to Junkin. I want to do that too. But I don't know. It was just weird. I've never been to anything because it was it was kinda like Comecon just with the convention floor. You know? But then a good third of the space was just like long tables and chairs there were just full of people playing fucking board games and games and shit. It was crazy. There's so much game playing. I've just never seen. I mean, there's all these cons. We've been on. It's like checkout. What's on FOX? And then it's like the cause playbook gate or whatever. But it's like, it's all this thing. You know? It's all just kind of like this weird artifice or marketing or whatever. But like this is just people doing doing games. It was interesting when I was your age. Ulysses grant was president of the United States. Blood was embarrassed off. I remember Comecon we'd go to comic con, and it would be like because we were working in comic books, and it'd be like, oh, we're here to sign a comic book, and then you'd walk around and be like God damn this place has a lot of people selling comic books, and there is also people like well guys are walking around sell buying comic. But maybe like a sword and the answer is fair. Yeah. There was people want swords comic. Let's make sense in Inglewood that was had a sword in Aslan Charlotte church, and he got killed by police because I think he fucked up a couple of cops with a sword. Oh, yeah. In a Scientology church is that what you call them. And. Inglewood's fucked up for a lot of reasons. If you're gonna fuck it have a sore throat down. I like seeing. Scientology venue. Because you're able to be objective. You don't have to root for either size. Oh, I hope the police learned their lesson along with Z new. I will I will stab your Fatan work. You just heard the word sword. Like, I mean, I'm already three tangents deep. I can't have you doing that? What? Hannah's fine. There's no there's no guests. This is it this is brought it up. Okay. It's all right. It was it was a very Spurrier's connection. I. I was like based on something special seeing about this convention where it's like, oh, just games. And I was like I remember from the old days the early nineties like ninety three ninety five I remember being Comecon and like selling and buying comic books at a big box. And everyone's just like, it's just Comecon. And yeah, there was a ton of shit that wasn't comics. I'm not I don't I'm not going to be an old timer that like pretends. And you know, there's nothing but comic no bunch of swords. And delay. But and then, but I remember like what it was like that central area of the exhibit floor like the day that it was like the police station one. Like kind of like, oh, what's the fuck is going on in the middle of this fucking?.

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