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Though always one got be glad that we connected and anything that we you know. We're really here to to and your move mayor but we how hard you work. How talented you are and you dana. Carvey so moved here to make sure that we let everybody know. December eleventh is a day for certain. When we're back opening you want to see you. Emperor sanford shore do something together. Yes yes me too ladies. I really appreciate your having new. Like i really feel like this is the first time in my life. That are doing something that i just. I'm sure about you know what i'm saying. I don't think no validation. I just notice it like just feels right in our own ship so i really feel like i wanna do more on the business side like with more girls. I wanna be more of an example. 'cause like they don't know anything about business. Everybody just wants to do music. Nobody just wants to know the other side of what was going on the year right. You own your master's right. Yeah that's joe you lessons for now. I deal Yes i'm so prompt. The so proud of that thankful thankful Huge really came together. We'll be via via via. I want hey get it Year bobby by some people find the label but you sign whatever your situation as you work out your deal and i think yes amazing deal. There's nothing wrong with a right. I see people say that all the time they're like oh don't sign to labeled assigned to a label but it's like unless you've got the money to shoot all your videos go to play listing. Go to radio do that show your own. You might should go look for a label like this is not that every was bad. You just gotta sign at the right time and when you know what the fuck you doing Able to he was good to go in fax arab be again. Thank you so much december. Eleven percent in you i love. Y'all thank you so much sight easy. I have Okay we love you bye. Love yeltsin who by..

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