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With Leeds United of the Premier League, all that's up to work out. The transfer between the two clubs reports in Italy say leads have offered €28 million, you may want €35 million, Weston McKinney, 24 years old, could be about to join U.S. teammates, Tyler Adams, Brendan aronson, under the management of Jesse marsh. Park, what do you think is leads united? The best option for young Weston McKinney. I don't think so. It seems like a lateral at best move coming from a team like Juventus coming from a brand like Juventus to a team that's 15th in the Premier League. One point away from relegation zone, 5 points from the bottom of the 20th of relegation zone. It just seems like it's bad for everybody involved. Now let me explain myself with this, okay? There's a possibility that get relegated. If another American comes to this already American owned team, coached by an American, Jesse marsh, who already spent money, put some coin in Tyler Adams, Brendan aaronson, and now western McKinney almost 90 million to bring in these American players and they get relegated. What do you think the finger is going to be pointed? And then it's going to be a fire cell with these American players who are first division players to see where they go because they're not going to stay in the championship. And that might not be a better situation than what is leads at the moment. But give me the give me the professional athletes opinion here. These guys are supposed to these guys supposed to be themselves. You're telling me Weston McKinney's gonna be afraid to go to Leeds 'cause they might get relegated? No, I'm telling you, you should be afraid to go to Leeds because

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