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It has been reversed somewhat, but the brand is not helped. No. All the people who are cut from down there is one to the main roster. And then the brand, even the carmella is great. Ron breaker has something. You got to figure it out. You got something, there's some grace and Waller, say whatever the hell you want. He's easily hated. That's a great quality and pro wrestling. They got some pieces, it just got their real bad. And they tore it down for a weekly television product. It's shitty. It's a ghost of what it was. And I feel like it's out of spite. And I feel like I don't know. I don't want to grossly assume, but Vince leaving the scandals, all that shit didn't pop up the day before he left. I'm thinking maybe there was some writings on the wall, Vince said, fuck it, I'm tearing this shit down. And when I'm gone, it's going to be how I want it to be because there's no other pieces here to do anything else. We're only going to have NCAA and random ass people talent. We're only going to have my way is going to last forever because all your indie people all the people, they're all gone. Whether I'm here or not. Lo and behold, they opened up the purse strings and signed everybody back. But they would have been in a pickle. So that's my biggest thing. The death of NXT. As we know it, it's my biggest gripe of the year. I already saw two O 5 live died, man. I had to watch NXT now. WWE fucked me up. So that's my gripe. Cole, you go. I think there are a couple directions that we can go with this. And you recapping something actually something else came to mind, but I'll mention that later. I think my main gripe that I think I have from this year. And I don't think it's necessarily anything new, but I think it was extremely prevalent this year, given all of the backstage drama that was occurring in, especially in AEW. But people's really gross reactions and overreactions to it. Where people are constantly searching for the death of AW whenever a pin drops somewhere. And all of a sudden, everyone's up and they're such shit, they're so bad. It's like, guys, wrestling in the 80s and 90s. Like people were probably like stabbing each other back there. Like for the love of God, the things that are happening there were like a dog bit Kenny Omega. Like, it's not gonna hold a candle to shit that was happening in the 80s and 90s. People got over shit. And in fact, people or he or no way. It was a person. And it was because Kenny was saving the dog. Excuse me. You can see how I get that mixed up. Anyways, and also humans, humans biting each other. Fucking still wild. Don't get me wrong. Yeah, but also like, you know, 80s and 90s like people had shit going on backstage that was probably way more hardcore and they figured out how to make money off of it. The real key is drama is such a prevalent part of wrestling. Wrestling at the end of the day is essentially a reality television show. And the key is to take that drama and figure out how you can make money off of it, right? They figured out how to make money off of MJF calling Tony Connor bucking Mark, right? It didn't burn down the company. It didn't, it wasn't the end of days, him getting on a flight wasn't the end of days, right? Just a gross overreaction to all the drama that kind of surrounded that surrounds either AW and WWE too. Now granted, like WWE, there's the stands to have the reverse problem where they'll do the, they'll book something super small, and it's the greatest thing ever since sliced bread, and that's the death of AEW. And like people were defending Vince shit. So like people were going after Sasha Banks when she decided I'm out, and it's like, what do you guys talking about? No, you don't realize that the company is in the wrong here. We can be critical here and it's okay. So I think it's really smart. It's just really just gross overreactions to everything. And also, I will say on top of that, anyone who goes online and says the term ring, psychology, when they don't like a flippity ship match. Bothers the hell out of me because that is a person that has no idea what they're talking about. Taking a shot at cornette. Listen to cornette and don't watch wrestling. Like at the end of the day, you don't know what's going on. Just be entertained by what you're watching. I don't get it. Like people will do something like athletic and they'll botch it and everyone goes oh but you suck all you botched it. But then we get a crazy like flippity dippity segment like part of the match where like 5 different things happen and it's up that didn't do ring psychology for me. Like what do you want? What's gonna entertain you if nothing's gonna entertain you go watch something else like that's like I'm all for storytelling within the ring, do not get me wrong that is not at all what I'm saying. I think storytelling is obviously a very important part, but you can tell a story while doing flippy shit at the same time. They're freak athletes, let them do their thing. And if they can do it well, that's awesome. So you know psychology. I love the flippy shit. It's easy for me. This is like my maga problem with the UFC's tribalism and pro wrestling. That's just it. I watch similar Nicole. Yeah, it's every year. Well, this year showed it more than anything else. I hate Cody rose and AW. Shows the WWE, they fucking love them. What happened? Same fucking guy. The man got a bruised chest and y'all lost your fucking mind. Like, stop. Stop. Sasha Banks, everybody loves Sasha Banks. And now she's not there and people are like, oh, we don't need her. What are you talking about? Y'all are a big slash of banks marks. I mean, I'm a huge Sasha bank. I also think they might not need her, but I still like Sasha. But it's just ridiculous watching the tribalism at work. People will just go out of their way to shit on one company or the other. And not just, look, good wrestling is a good wrestling. Gunther and shame has had a fucking banger this year, incredible. We can't, I've seen AEW fans like, ah, it wasn't that great. What are you talking about? It was great. I've seen the other side of this where they just completely act like FTR didn't exist. You know, like, I don't get why you have to pick a side when neither of these promotions are fucking FTR was the revival, they were the shit and NXT. What are some people love them? It's weird. I mean, we watched it with Adam Cole. And I'm close the same guy. Yeah. He goes from one promotion to the other, and everybody lost the shit. Something really cooled off in AW though. I mean, he got hurt. Yeah, right. Even when he was there, it was kind of like wonky. He was crazy over. It wasn't like he was not over. Nah. He was ridiculous. I guess the theme song. The new theme song just didn't hit as much. I don't think it's that. I just think people looked at him in AEW and was like, oh, he's doing this like dude. He was on NXT on a one hour show on the grind. That shit. People who love, I mean, shit, we had swerve on this show, people love swerving NXT. He shows up to AEW now. He dresses weird. He's ridiculous. I don't like those are.

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