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It through the cloud cover over Boston right now. It is forty three degrees. Good afternoon. I'm KENDALL Buhl. Here's what's happening. A bombshell of acclaim from the nation's top law enforcement official attorney general William bar saying he believes the FBI spied on the Trump campaign and Bartels senators. He's going to be looking into it. I am going to be reviewing both Genesis and the conduct of intelligence activities directed at the Trump campaign during two thousand and sixteen it's bar. Second day on Capitol Hill yesterday, he appeared before the house appropriations committee where he told members he plans on redacting parts of the Muller report before making it available to congress. This morning Senator Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire toll bar his four-page summary already released who's insufficient. I still do have questions on the special counsel report as I believe this report has serious national security implications ramps for senior Senator. Also voiced your displeasure with the Justice department budget submitted by bar, which eliminates one hundred million dollars in funding for the fight against opioid addiction. Derailment made their commute a rough one. What they call a breakdown in communication, left them frustrated oftentimes late WBZ's, Chris foam explains. What happened and what could be used to diffuse any future issues, even before dawn key, Olis', director of public affairs. Tori, Mazzola was on WBZ and said they had problems three coach cars derail. We will not operate the Fairmont line service this morning, we have boxing. I would just ask your listeners connected to our customer service team on Twitter didn't tweet all morning now, the NBA did at five thirty, but that was pretty much it just the one tweet. So Michelle who had to hire a rideshare to get her daughters to school on time with an exorbitant price attached was frustrated, but in her defeat, she was inspired by victorious idea. Also.

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