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James would anybody else we in? Hi Fi Lauren comes in halfway through the season some maybe but apart from that, this is the supermarket sweep cut a season of the football manager special. Free game in on high wages. In the next season is where it comes in high wages plus high fees. And you think that that would end up leading to disaster. The rain will never come. We talked about disaster feel like that's too harsh word but the last game. So Campbell place rational he's first incarnation. One Basler two in the Champions League, final and not for the first time. So come we'll get a goal in vain. Shift ended at eight o'clock. So the gave it already kicks off and two didn't have to run home. So I, actually missed his goal. We're coming off a Champions League final in two thousand and five that was all conic and the Michael Pre much of those two teams. Oh, it could be quite defensive and then flush forty year and you look pass in versus Arsenal are serving a verse is loaded team. All my word is the perfect final in terms of all of those that love free flowing attacking football this is going to be something special. Unfortunately this game is ruined by the refer- oh. Yeah. I mean the Red card game despite I mean the father the previous year had been almost kind of against the norm for English teams in terms of most English performances in champions, League finals or big finals it's kind of edge the see grinding the result the little four games just got it wasn't even like the game is different I was fifteen minutes of the game were difference so much different and the rest of it revert to type if you take those fifteen minutes, our is exactly how luckily. One you'd expect and because the record happened. So early on our recesses of. outplay them is going to have to be sit tight defensively disciplined tried him on the break almost kinda. The quintessential English performance against a big team. The thing is that like we talked about. I think it's one of the most important Games football pops of the twenty first century when minority play Bass Loan, what that did for both clubs. But at this particular point time arsenal have an had the route to as she suggested to overcome this celona sort I'm going to read out the tell you much because i. think it's worth reminding ourselves of where bustling were adopted two points on Valdez Go van Bronckhorst, Marcus Pio, Allah Geir Edmilson van Bommel Deco, Julie to Brunel Dana draw. So absolutely fantastic amazing plays. This isn't the Vassallo destroyed where you get rid card against the you off opt it's. Free so a good team, but it's not the same as what it would become. Once, in a generation same isn't it really did decide for Bossa the readout, the Asi took to the field dot lyman and go Ashley Cole. So Campbell coach Alright A. Gas Juba Silva Alexander Lead Robert. Perez. For Youngberg anterior on Route Audrey Bat in Boston I think yeah..

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