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So just what their doctor ordered some aspirin for me and maybe a point guard if not for now maybe four who may be four in years if fat all dead he will develop them to an nba a star at the point we're talking about lilic kina the french eighteen i believe these nineteen now and he will be making his home debut tonight at madison square garden in new york city against the popular and power fall brooklyn michael is calling from east rockaway michael you're on the fan thank you for taking the time flows may leadoff batter i say again i'm sorry leadoff batter on your show i have now number right school in college but that's all right well listen i think we all knew that i got it mad could revise under hogwash but anyway uh i'll always be proud to be to sort of a grocer like yourself mild my hero was my father without question my without a doubt steve long time max van as you are clue talk a little about we always job big joe girardi received from the iraqi army yankee totally i mean unquote hawaii in a matter in which we've gone he was a good soldier he won a world series managed for ten years i believe it was wondering games over five green younger and it was just a horrendous almost right you know shadow of george steinbrenner still quotient in o'clock well here's any and here's what i'm saying because time michael and you're the best and i know where you're going and no i mean there are a lot of yankee fans who were not on happy eater see him go so i mean the lissette and there was a love hate relationship with them but i would think as i kind of a man mentioned at the very beginning already away a dripping with my on my monologue i think brian cashman deserves to be sitting on the hot seat benji is calling for bae ridge and bhamjee uram affair thanks for.

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