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Oh yes two oh god you're not widen word all day gin thirty bags together for you own grave concerns beaches and now i clears criticized credit sides criticize now all don't ask me man for nothing now knowing you i dunno your militant enough to not have seamus film okay okay given to his wife i thought it was a jennifer lewis line hello don it doesn't s night is working on a mountain better to do a motive in incumbent of bail sarts town and so madam though it no no no bill substandard all right well hege is welcome to another episode of three nouri integrale had no way i am mm the jamie farr said i am francesca ramsey uh welcome we're back at it again congratulations to french of yes she was my black excellent for this week i put her down just in case you had a list of like i don't know some overachieving eightyearolds or something but yeah i actually had a list of several people including version of francesca so we can just start black excellence with her okay so yeah if you haven't already heard the news our friend francesca ramsey has written her first book it is available for a preorder right now it was like the first thing i did was ran a two preorder this book but i am just so excited so proud of her so happy for her it's called well that escalated quickly which triggering the gis right it's just fits our one hundred percent so yeah you go cesca lee out who do in big big things macarthur is great yeah it's so q and i can't wait to read it and she is just so super smart and funny and everything's he does is amazing so yeah go friend.

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