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Must wash their hands at least every thirty minutes menu offerings should modified to create more kitchen space customers should and again. This is under those initial guidelines of for reopening restaurants to In restaurant dining customers should be asked to wear masks. When they're not eating or drinking that would make it rather difficult when customers should be asked to register with the restaurant in case an outbreak actually occurs. Now there was some talk of perhaps Instituting temperature check before you go into a restaurant but well that remains to be seen restaurants under the draft guidelines are also directed to notify public health officials if there is an outbreak among their staff or patrons of covid Nineteen Colorado's food service industry has been as we've talked about To a great extent one of the sectors hardest hit by the pandemic scores have lost their jobs because of the virus and some restaurants have closed their doors for good because of the financial impact in fact he had the Colorado Restaurant Association saying that a full twenty percent of those restaurants. May well never reopen few restaurants where already chafing at the proposed guidelines released by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment on Tuesday. William Oliver's Public House has locations in Lafayette and Fort Collins said the eight foot spacing role would limit seating to about nine point five percent of capacity and this hearkens back to our conversation. We had with tiffany. Elton Co owner of Lonesome Bach and stop Burger because again as she mentioned the profit margins are very very narrow. They're they're very very small in the restaurant business. So if governor comes out and says well. You can reopen at ten percent. You can reopen a twenty thirty percent. Is it really worth it for restaurants to indeed reopen given the fact that well once again those profit margins are just pretty slim? Colorado Restaurant Association set in a post on its website these guidelines still a work in progress however they give us a glimpse of what reopening may look like. Governor? Jared police for. His part has encouraged local governments to loosen regulations to allow restaurants to serve customers in their parking lots on sidewalks and even on streets. Now wait a minute. Where possible so that they can have more capacity. That's exactly what Lauren bogert of. Shooter's Grill in rifle was doing all. That's right I forget. There were political ramifications there because she had the audacity to challenge Scott Tipton in that third congressional district. Meanwhile back to pull us. That's really the only way with the spacing we're going to have a thriving restaurant environment for the coming months. Governor hopes to solicit feedback before he releases those guidelines Memorial Day..

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