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Conditions and insisting on good management practices insisting on good leadership we have to speak up when things are wrong being angry is not wrong and it is not in contradiction to looking for happiness at work in fact it's probably the first step if conditions are awful be angry william in johannesburg can be very important sometimes for journalists absolutely while he loves r b because i always the our johannesburg's the city to make your envy of untapped i didn't wanna just trying to imply that now i know but i i think you know there's a place for being anke but i think he's sources a place for your nose building relationships with people because you know that will help and that the purpose of having some kind of purpose and you and combine those all the ghetto most believe will make you happy tell tell me about how the ideal boss should be in order to foster happiness at work any at first step is to look for a way to feel contented and excited about their own work and stop sharing all this negativity emotions or contagious and we catch them from our boss what we've got to do if we happened to manage people is really focus on developing the skills of selfawareness selfmanagement and empathy so we can understand ourselves manager our emotions even when we're stressed out and then understand other people their bosses rabuka the bbc because they don't have empathy oh controversy here and everywhere and and that's because we it can be a qualification for effective albeit slightly ruthless management that's my point it can be of a qualification for shortterm results i don't agree that qualification for effective management in fact the research backs us up what we're learning increasingly is that those hardnosed attitudes and skills actually drive people in the short term but they burn them out in the longterm if you want to keep your people productive and effective you've got to find a way to do it over the long term not just the short term in the globalised world finally the workplace the office can be your kitchen and you have to combine it with cooking food for the kids that's absolutely right it is really difficult.

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