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Noor ooh no are mill this is lads misspeaking on swimsuit we the people the government daily americans argue and complain about what the encompassing entity called the government is or is not doing area if you ask people do could face on the socalled government very few will have the correct answers however the answer resides in the first three words of united states constitution we dopey with three words we the people emphasize them proud tasr people as the essential produceers of governance and controllers of elected officials and politicians with the authority to command with they can and cannot do but the felonious derelictions of we the people to exercise our powers has allowed elected officials and politicians who feel the boy verse in the order of command and become a manager dictators who negate the will of the people bad dictating laws and the president legislature gets as the nation's struggle to survive an onslaught of adversity is cultural rot and antiamericanism the blame game who should solve america's problems has been relegated to big brothers and sisters known as the government but in eighteen 63 on a thursday afternoon in gettysburg pennsylvania president abraham lincoln gave his historic geddes buddha driss in he stayed thin porches oh we the people when he declare america as the government the people that the people and for the people and it's not pairs from the list the phrase we the people is reserved exclusively for legal americans who respect the fla and pledge of allegiance to the christian principles which form the fundamental foundation upon which america was founded and if we wanted to pairs from the earth we must be willing to fight for the values that have made the shining light committed to be one nation under therefore given elected officials and politicians powers all the people is tantamount to given a tenant ruling powers over their land if we the people haven't exercised control over the scandalous elected officials and politicians who rule us today alborz would be secure penalties illegal immigration essential is cities would be enforce the military would be stronger our schools would not be liberal indoctrination simmers promoted an anti social behavior and fig gender normalcy antiamerican social behaviors would be curtailed abortions would be diminished obamacare will be repeal and patriotism would dominate when you analyse the causes and political dilemmas and governor united states they can be traced to we the people.

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