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That this year is the same thing last year too i don't think quite happened but i hope that that this year that wash apps get revitalized reason to at least so we'll say let's talk about syria for a moment to talk about happier things is actually a good news week for siri so two reports one on serey hiring ramping up for the first time or something like that all time high at least in the next there's a new hire in this series world so tell me about the hiring ramp up and then the poaching yes there was a report from this company that basically scraped the job listings from apple's website and it would by k would siri actively and then they grow over time so you can see over the span of like a year go up lot bicycle that was the location is expanding the team and making it better and they probably some truth to that i think now the departments of moved over to the new campus mostly i think they've restarted hiring that they kind of put impose while they were dealing with transition and like in the middle last year they they weren't a don't think most teams are in taty shore facilities they would have space they would have capacity they would get for the for the coming term so they were kind of holding off and doing these hiring i think this is like a quick burst i be interesting to see a there was no relative relative factor to the to this chart right only showed the increase in the series i wonder if you've got like maps and then how many more maps engineers if they would be a similar spot around the star of the night that one.

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