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Are coming up soon. Don't miss out on interviews with the candidates important info on ballot propositions and KTAR news in depth on today's top news stories text podcast to four one one ninety two three. Hey, guys. Roydon Shane here with Shane company. I grew up in our store where my parents worked. My mom remembers me drawing on the jewelry cases with crayons. Anyhow. I always felt comfortable there because it was like walking into my second home. I want you to feel the same way at Shane company. We offer the most comfortable shopping experience of any jeweler in town. Our team of jewelry experts are so knowledgeable, and they don't work on commission, which is why everyone on yelp says, they're extremely helpful and not pushy at all. They also rave about our free lifetime warranty that covers everything even the center stone, all of our diamonds rubies. As an sapphires are natural not from some laboratory. So you get real and lasting value shop around and then come to Shane company where I know you'll feel right at home. That's why our customers come back to our family year after year generation after generation now, you have a friend in the jewelry business. Shane company and shaneco dot com. You you COO the with complex find all your favorite shows with just the sound of your voice, right? I guess. Yeah. And you don't have to put up with buffering when you stream that's true. You lock your does turn lights on and off and turn up the heat from your phone. I do all those things who's to say, you're not cool. Wow. I guess I'm cool. Now gone. Be your.

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