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Townhall dot com. I'm Michael Harrington. President Trump and former President Obama will be facing off between now and that'll member midterms. Barack Obama is not on the ballot. But he's campaigning. This fall against President Trump and his allies after staying mostly silent since leaving office. Obama kick off his fall tour in Illinois. And bluntly criticized the sitting president for seizing on Americans. Fear and resentment and remarks on Friday, Mr. Trump responded by claiming he fell asleep watching Obama's speech. The president also said that his predecessor was trying to take credit for the strong economy. Greg Clugston, Washington. Forecasters say tropical storm Florence is bound to become a major hurricane is early. As tomorrow as it continues to approach the southeastern US in its latest advisory. The National Hurricane Center says a rapid phase of attentive education will begin today. Florence is then expected to travel between Bermuda and the Bahamas Tuesday. Day on Wednesday and approach this country on Thursday. This is Colorado. Elections officials have been participating in cybersecurity exercises reinforcing the state status as amongst the most secure in the nation ahead of the midterms homeland security secretary Christian Nielsen praise Colorado is a national leader in safeguarding elections during an address last week in Denver. Nielsen briefly reiterated her concerns about potential Russian state-led hacking of US elections, particularly of voter databases. Colorado's Republican secretary of state, Wayne Williams, soul county officials the exercise aims to increase public confidence that their votes are safe in the state correspondent Jeremy house Chinese president Z Jingping congratulating Kim Jong UN and North Korea on seventieth anniversary of that country's founding. He's haning. Once again, what he calls the quilt new historical period that North Korea is entering more on these stories at townhall dot com. Patriot mobile.

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