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That's the cutoff. So it's a lot of names there and who would be some of your favorites. If all can't believe this guy's on waivers take them up. Decay metcalf cole beasley. Pr would be my favorite on that list. kirk for me by far. I mean what he's been doing prior to their bye week in what kyle murray has been doing. It's just easy to say. Christian kirk has now put himself in the conversation to be a top twenty wide receiver on a weekly basis in non pr. I would completely agree with you. But i'm worried about that. Catch volume one other thing. I'm a little worried about with kirk. Just a little is he has faced care. He had nine thousand nine yards and a touchdown against carolina's that wasn't great but the three games were excited about have been the jets the cowboys and the seahawks. Miami's via miami's probably better than those teams defensive litter. And i guess i shouldn't i maybe i should put kirk ahead of beasley and does at five catches and two of his pass. Three games and the targets have been good except for the dallas game. And that was just a blowout win for zona. So i'll amend what i said we can put kirk on top of beasley. Npr too and i highly highly doubt. The cardinals are gonna come out of there by week. Saying that kirk is a problem in their offense. He's part of the reason why they were able to get downfield more and He's he's he's going to have some staying power recipes season so taking it back at him and taking it back. Ok who would you rather have. Mike williams or emmanuel sanders nelson agholor sanders. If michael thomas is out again but you know that's the risk that you're running But mike williams look. You had a great game from justin. Herbert this past week. He had eight targets in that game. So that's something that's encouraging the week before he was non-existence he just kind of know what my but no no ceiling. You know the the upside play. There is always good. The thing about mike williams's for how well just in herbert has played just weird that williams hasn't been better you know. He's only had one good. This was his first game this year. In which keenan. Allen did not get.

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