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Sometimes we need someone to stay with us even when we say we want to be left alone Dr Michael Ziglar says that's part of what Christmas is all about god is here to stay he wants to be with you because he loves you he loves you not because you're lovable but because he is love that broken capacity that you have in you love and be loved by others from him it's a sign an indirect sign that he gave you as a sign of his love and that's not all he did he gave you a direct clear unmistakable sign doctors signallers messages titled here to stay today's program also features the kids praise choir from king of glory Lutheran church Williamsburg Virginia hello I'm mark I sure thanks for joining us today the Lutheran hour is part of a global Christian outreach effort that seeks to gain a hearing for the gospel here in North America and in more than fifty countries around the world your prayers and gifts make it possible thank you for your faithful support now here's our speaker Dr Michael Ziggler don't leave me alone is what my son Jude said to me don't leave me alone because I keep bringing myself down if you leave me alone the night before June and I had had a rough night I had to enforce some consequences because of his behavior and he was not happy with me he was mad and he was telling me afterward leave Galway leave and I had a hunch in the moment that leaving him at that moment would not have been good for him but it's hard to know that when the person you're trying to be there for is telling you go leave get out of here but I didn't I asked you permission if I could share this with you later and he said yes and he said actually I was wondering when I was going to make it on the loose for an hour so there you go Jude but I wanted to share his words with you as I think you can relate I know what that's like to feel like there's this monster inside of you and you want to push everybody away Judy Judy said I feel like I turn into the incredible hulk and if you leave me alone I just keep bringing myself down and I can relate to that you could probably relate to that that there's this green monster inside of me that comes out I can't control it kind of like the whole but way less powerful and way less green and less worthy of a comic book I feel that I've been there we've all been there and we've all needed someone to be there for us even if we're pushing them away this simple message of the birth of Jesus the messiah is that god has come to be with us god has come to be with you he's here to stay he won't leave how do I know he send you signs these two kinds of signs let's call them direct signs and indirect signs so for example when I come home I go in my kitchen and I see on the kitchen counters baking pans and flour and butter and brown sugar all over the place that's an indirect sign that someone in my household baking cookies now the direct sign is there on the counter it's a note from my wife Amy and it says hi this is baking cookies go get more butter from the store that's a direct sign that's a clear sign so also god sends you signs that he has come to be with you because he loves you he sends indirect signs and direct signs let me give you an example of an indirect sign that he is giving you it is your capacity to love your capacity to love and be loved by other people it's in you this innate in born undeniable capacity to love and be loved that's a sign from god some people just write it off as evolutionary baggage as a survival mechanism that we've picked up along the way but I think that that view is less compelling than it might have once been because human beings express love and affection like no other creature what other creature has expressed affection in something like Shakespeare's eighteenth sonnet shall I compare thee to a summer's day thou art more lovely and more temperate what other creature says stuff like that to their beloved no other creatures record love songs nor other creatures plan parties no other creatures give elaborate gifts at Christmas to show love there's something different about us we have been gifted with this capacity to love and be loved and it is a sign an indirect sign from god but it is a distorted sign there's interference in the signal static in the channel we have this capacity to love but something's gone wrong with it now you've experienced this if you've ever tried to love someone over time eventually you stumble across something in them that's unlovable.

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