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Medicine example is you are the person at the top one of the People's the top. How do you work to develop a good culture versus a bad cultured? Obviously, this could be a five hour or five day conversation. But you know we we don't have five hours or five days if you were. If you were to offer somebody a suggestion or to mentor, you know a young professional who was in the leadership role. What two or three tips that somebody can really do to promote a healthy culture? In their work environment. I think the first thing is is I'll be I'll be honest like you know there's there's always going to be moments for your question. If you have a good culture, there's always going to be kind of those those valleys for your like all no one's getting along or people are grumpy or whatever and I think one of the things is not to get discouraged. To think what's going on what we stopped doing, what are what could we do better and really just keep that always keep a pulse on it. Always the what can we do better? Where is this grumpiness coming from or whatever Is it a lack of communication as at a lack of those those appreciation moments what are those things I think the other is to just really get to know your staff and gets know how they feel appreciated get to know You know how to communicate with them. Cascading communication is incredibly important One of the series one of the authors I've learned a lot from over the last year has been Patrick Schone I've read a lot of his books and I think I would encourage any new leader to read five dysfunctions of a team to be honest. It's one of the most difficult things is to try to build a culture. I'm still definitely not saying I'm an expert, but how you build trust and accountability and honesty and openness, and all of those things across the team is really important and something that I'm even revisiting right now I think the last thing I would share just become comfortable with being uncomfortable That's that's the hardest thing for me. I've taken a lot of personality tests in one of the things that I am is an achiever from the Graham and I'm an achiever helper enthusiasts. Those three things really define me. But as an achiever, it's really difficult to be uncomfortable because you like to collect your gold stars and I think that's one of the things that I've learned is, how do you become comfortable with being uncomfortable with challenging other people challenging yourself because project onto others to if I have to have a difficult How they're feeling and that makes me even more uncomfortable. I guess Italy me to my last point which I lied last but self reflections important in really getting to know yourself. That's I think AAA important as well..

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