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And you see in the in the states where we're finally gaining some something close to parody sent for instance, in Nevada we have over forty one percent of the elected officials in that state legislature are female, we see in Virginia that they have even more women that have been elected. And so we see that are women's rights are being advanced more in the states, and we need to work in elections. We need to have women stand for election, and we need to have them seated in these state legislators in at the federal level. Also, my understanding is that one in four US women will have an abortion by age forty five. That's reported by the Guttmacher institute. And you know, if that's the case if twenty five percent of women are going to have an abortion by the age of forty five. Then surely there are men who are associated with that unwanted pregnancy. And there are a lot of men who are associated with the procedure itself. And so how can it be that in these United States of America today that these rights this access is being threatened? I don't know. And I don't know why more men don't stand up and speak out and identify publicly with women and with women's rights to their own self atonomy. Right. I think that this is all ginned with this pseudo self righteousness about their protecting, quote, unquote, a baby, you know, an embryo and AIG and not a woman. I it's just it's just really beyond my comprehension. And it's illogical. I mean so much of it is illogical at the time of the fetal heartbeat now. This was Trevor Noah, I think you see where I get my news from. He said, you know, you're talking about an an embryo that's about the size of pomegranate seed, and you know, again, there are no developed a fully developed organs. Not by any means at this point in time when it six weeks old, and yet this is the criteria that they want to use a time when many women don't even know that they are pregnant so it is a way to prevent women from being able to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. At the same time, they're attacking our ability to get contraceptives what we're going to end up with a really ugly situation here, we're going to go back to back alley abortions. And those dreaded coathangers has you know, they make jokes about that. But it was a reality. It was happening was reality. And I have no legal abortion. When I was nineteen years old. You know, that's the point abortion as long as women get pregnant abortion will be will be always. Always has been it always has been and always will be. We just want it to be safe, legal and acceptable in affordable. Because there's there's such deception impact on women. You know, earning lower incomes because they don't have a time. Sick leave. You know, they put these things up like you have to have like a twenty four seventy two hour waiting period. And as you pointed out there very few clinics around some states one one St. one or two states. I think only have one or two clinics left, right? And then they make them go back, and so for financial resources, it's becoming extremely difficult for women to get an abortion. And you know, and then the other thing is I restrictions are concerned as the state order trans-. Transactional ultrasounds. Yes. It's like stayed ordered rape. I mean women don't want to have that. If they did they would just do it. And where are these things happening? They're happening in fake crisis pregnancy centers fake where they right could on white. Coats and pretend that they're in the medical profession when in fact, they're not when they give an ultrasound, which is a medical procedure that they're not leaving licensed to do that. And who's funding them far, right? Republican state. Legislators are using our tax dollars. Now to fund these fake pregnancy crisis centers. I'm Tony I need to take a break here. Can you say with us a little bit? Sure. Okay. We've got some callers who have questions, and I'd like to get to those my guest is Tony van pelt. She's the president of the national organization for women. We're talking about the war on women's reproductive rights. Eighty eighty eight ten is our telephone number eight oh, eight oh..

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