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Our next guests grew up on a farm and ranch in Hamlin county South Dakota from the time she could walk she worked beside her dad on the ranch when I worked with horses and cattle and maybe that's what gave her a little bit of extra common sense she's now serving as south Dakota's thirty third governor and she joins us now hello governor how are you Michael and I'm doing good it's it's a it's great to have you on I want to go over what you announced on Monday and what you're doing and why this sets you guys apart from from everybody else yeah we did we announce the first statewide on state backed clinical trial of hydroxy complained we really desire to go on offense against this virus so we partnered with our healthcare system is leading the a clinical trial will be Stanford health but we also have two other systems within the state of South Dakota that are participating as well to make sure that we're getting a wide swath of individuals participating in this trial so it will be the first ever statewide one and one that is dated helping to find and facilitate that one compass virtually eighty to ninety percent of our doctors in the state and up to a hundred thousand people throughout the process so I were focused on making sure that we're not just dealing with taking care of our people but also putting a research and to make sure we have a long term solution to help fight the fires and what made you decide to do this the I mean if you look at the press everyone is is downplaying hi hydroxy clerk when well we have a healthcare system Stanford that's world renowned for their research abilities and and they've been working in several different areas to have that kind of capacity in our state is a real gift to us and I was watching what's happening across the country hi everybody reacting to the virus and not being proactive to really make sure we're getting in front of that that we could give a therapeutic to folks so that they didn't necessarily have to hide from the virus they can get out there and fight it off and make sure that they could get back to their daily lives as well so for me it was a part of the solution you know we're doing some you know recommendations to folks to follow CDC guidance and we're also making sure that we're using technology to do contact tracing but then having the ability to have this drug trial in our state for such a wide percentage of our population allow them to really go on offense and go after this and make sure we have an option for those individuals could you get back when I heard about this that you're going to do this last weekend I knew you were going to be dragged through the mud by the press Washington post didn't you know pull any punches on added to give the gave the expected response they said that you were the one who said there's not gonna be a statewide ordered to stay home it's the individuals not the government should decide and now you've got a meat processing plant with four hundred people that are sick do you want to respond to that at all well you know that article completely inaccurate and it doesn't surprise me because I've seen it a lot not just in national press but even here locally with details being left out of articles but you know that the pork processing plant that we do have today that the hot spot that we have an outbreak going on there is a critical infrastructure business regardless on if I had chosen to put a shelter in place order across the state of South Dakota that plant would have been up in operating because it's such an important part of our food supply and and frankly having it running at the national security issues so that would have not impacted that issue but you know the coach decided to not use the fax and and run with an agenda that that I think is unfortunate for the public I think it's a grave disservice to our public when they don't tell all the facts because they're misleading them and creating this fear culture and at a very important time to discredit people that are scientists or doctors or researchers our elected officials during a period of time when we need to rely on the fact that they have information and have access to information to do that at an important time like this one literally is the difference between life and death I think it's a shame do you have because there are those cases for the meat process processing plant but outside of that how many how many people are sick in your state we have a less than a thousand positive Colvin nineteen cases in the state of South Dakota about three hundred of them are recovered but but the vast majority of the cases are are tied to this neat processing plant and in that county that's affected so we have over five hundred cases that are tied directly to that incident there so we we also are coming up with more positive cases because we're aggressively testing in that area you know we put all our resources there to be proactively testing people isolating them during the contact tracing to contempt Allan's cell the rest of our state is doing very very well I and we'll get this one under control and make sure that we're slowing down the spread but I think what I've constantly had to remind the public is the science of the virus told us we can't stop it so we have to use the facts that we have in front of us just to slow it down so that we can take care of people in our healthcare system so that's been my constant message to the people of South Dakota and that all the control of the world is in their hands that that they have a personal responsibility to make good decisions to take care of themselves and their families and I have I will do all that I can to partner with them but ultimately that responsibility does lie with them so before we before we change subjects I want to stay on a meat processing plant were times I want to get ahead of something that I think could be damaging from the other side the conspiracy theories are this is a remake pre processing plant that had been sold to China but the and I know that there have been stories and you know old people have been saying all its Chinese me it's not Chinese made its all American made is just owned by China but have you found patient zero yet as there was there anyone in the factory that had traveled to China or somebody from China the travel to the factory or or not do you know we do know who patient zero is because we obviously have identified every single person and have been working with them in the state of South Dakota did test positive we do not have any ties to China from this outbreak at this plant and I think that you know this is a this is a plant that originally there was a couple of positive cases but a lot of the spread that we're seeing it happening outside the plant the plant is on pause right now are we seeing a girl thing cases but a lot of the folks who work here to deliver our nation's food supply you know they live in close quarters they've got a lot of family members and neighbors and housing development there there sometimes two to three generations I'm very closely living together so a lot of that spread is happening at home in the plant in particular has a few I think seventy different languages spoken added there's thirty thousand holding you up there so you know there's it's a unique situation that that I think are you know people have been blaming blaming the plants and I win a lot of the spread is happening outside of the walls of the plant and that's why we I have a positive on to put up mitigation measures inside that plant and then also do an education process with a lot of the folks that work there I have a Gaston who is a guy who watches the cattle auctions and he you know he's he's really big in the cattle industry in people with knowing the average media person would not but he's he just issued a report recently that said that we are we have plenty of cattle there's lots of cattle coming up ready for auction but there's no slaughter houses there there were no processing plants to to get this meat from farm to table how concerned are you about the the food supply when it comes to meet well a small disruption in the system has huge effects across our food supply chain and that's one of the reasons that this plant is so important this is a pork processing plant but it's the same in the cattle industry are and and we have it's the largest it's the largest pork plants in the country is it not it is very large and and it feeds other plants that refine the products even more at the end up on your grocery store shelves so we have five hundred fifty producers you know and a lot of them South Dakota producers that take their hog there and then adapted and that you know right here in American child to feed feed folks each and every day and you know the virus does not travel through food products so that is one thing that I think we have to really be aggressive and telling folks as they get concerned about the food would be coming through this plant that's just absolutely if not even a factor of it the food is wonderful and it will be safe for people to eat I mean I think in the cattle market to we see a lot of manipulation are there some investigations that need to happen with our packing industry and control and alliances get streamlined enough it becomes more and more efficient it also allows for players to manipulate the market and the quite often and that's why I've said for years clan and I haven't known you for years but I have said for years that it's important we keep family farms and because it's important we grow our own food at this country we never want another we never want another country to control our food supply because then they control us and if we have one or two people controlling the whole supply chain or in the exact same situation so the diversity having five hundred and fifty different producers that feed into the one plan if they reported because of diversity and it it same with them making sure that we do have a national security issue taking care of because we don't have one person controlling our entire food supply I think the America first store is the hippies would say think globally act locally is beginning to ring true to more more Americans right now it is I think there's a lot of things that are ringing true to Americans today it's it's about the importance of this country are what makes us special of the importance of the constitution what powers it gives to the people and to the states and to the federal government and I've decided that every opportunity I have been getting used to it if you educate folks really on why United States of America the best country in the world and why it deserves to be preserved and in times of crisis is when you see people overstaffed and grab power and we're seeing that in so many places of the country and I took an oath to uphold the constitution of the United States when I served in Congress and I took an oath to uphold the constitution here in the state of South Dakota and I am constantly guided and and using that as my foundation and every decision that I make and then talking about it to people about why it's important I think a lot of people think at a time of crisis is when you can waive that aside and and take any action you think it's necessary I think that when our constitution and foundations become even more important yes it helps yes wise decisions based on facts and based on science and not be manipulated emotionally into making poor decisions that are for the benefit of the people you know it's a it's amazing to me you're a you're exactly right on the you know when the constitution matters is when it's popular to do the other thing it was also amazing to me that people have flocked to the government taking more and more power and they do you have been such an out liar and been hammered by the national press because you gave I think some of the you've given some of the best statements of anyone in this crisis talking about the rights of the people and it's up to the people to take care of themselves has it been shocking to you to be on the receiving end of such backlash for just for standing up for the American principle.

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