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Now, the longest in US history. This is dot apartments in different policy, and it is unacceptable. I don't even know the president wants the wall. I think he does want to debate on the wall all talks have stopped. Neither side feels the need yet to bend. So what will it take to break the stalemate? And what will that mean for the eight hundred thousand federal workers, not getting paid? We talked to two party leaders both in the room for those closed door negotiations. House Republican whip Steve Sali's and Senate Democratic with dick Durbin plus two new blockbusters on Russia. The New York Times reports at the FBI investigated whether President Trump was working for Russia from the Oval Office. The Washington Post details how the president has gone to extraordinarily links to conceal his private conversations with Ladimir Putin. That information all in Robert Muller's hands. Now, also sparking calls for new investigations by the new congress are power house roundtable weighs in start actually know and as more Democrats joined the twenty twenty White House race, we talked to the man who got him first Democrat John Delaney's been running hard in Iowa for eighteen months will break down the politics. Smoke of the spin the facts that matter this week. From ABC news. It's this week here. Now, she banker George Stephanopoulos. Good morning and welcome to this week. You know, the last few years have been filled with I and now we have another one the longest government shutdown ever now entering its fourth week with no sign yet that official Washington's ready to end it. Lawmakers left town Friday the president's tweeting from the White House, but the two sides aren't even talking about talking the big question now will public pressure force either side to bed our brand new poll with the Washington Post shows that right now a majority of Americans fifty three percent pin the blame on President Trump and Republicans in congress just twenty nine percent blame the Democrats but support for the border wall is climbing last year Americans oppose the wall by twenty nine points, the margin now just twelve points..

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