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President now outside the Capitol building, reviewing troops alongside Vice President Kamila Harris, the first woman to hold the office next President Biden, he'll be joined by former presidents Bush, Clinton and Obama. The lay a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery. President Trump flew to Florida earlier this morning with continuing coverage of the inauguration of Joe Biden. I'm Brian Clark ABC News who won there's been plenty of reaction to the swearing in of a new president. New Hampshire Senator Jean Cheating With a statement following the inauguration, Senator Shaheen says, I hope Joe Biden's message to Americans today echoes in communities across the nation. Brighter future is on the horizon and the way forward is together. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren earlier tweeted that decency and competence will be back in the White House, while Senator Ed Markey tweeted a slightly sharper stabbed the outgoing president saying goodbye and good riddance. Donald Trump. See you at retrial, referring to his upcoming impeachment trial. Senator Markey, by the way, will join me. To 15 this afternoon for his reaction to today's inauguration on Inauguration Day. It is a peaceful transfer of power, a tradition carried on since 17 89, Massachusetts Secretary of state Bill Galvin. Reflects on the importance of the day as well as free and fair elections, something that was put to the test. We had a very severe test about democracy over the course of the election that's now concluded. I think never in our modern history has been challenged when clearly the will of the voters were threatened, but it survived. Leaving Washington before the inauguration, President Trump headed to Florida, even hinting at a comeback. Trump has made it down here in South Florida, where he'll begin the next chapter of his life in West Palm Beach before leaving D. C, though he hinted at a comeback. Goodbye way love you way will be back in some form. While Trump skipped Biden's inauguration, ABC News has learned he did leave a note in the Oval Office for his successor. The content of the note, though, is unclear. Lionel Boys, ABC News, Miami 203 time to get a check on traffic and weather together. The Subaru Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the trees. How we doing my way out a couple of problems in north of the city here Band will start way up to the north on 95 north, which is jammed up a mile or so from Salisbury up into Seabrook, New Hampshire. This is the craze is a crash right over the New Hampshire line. Could be a bad one. Here. All traffic is being diverted off the highway into and then out of the rest area there up after exit one. So, yeah, this is gonna be a problem. And in Revere, a section of North Shore Road, which is room wanna is shut down. It's a crash cleanup going on and detours over to Revere Beach Boulevard. For now, elsewhere up to the north, Things are good now on the upper end of 1, 28 and Roots three and 93 North are both off to a pretty good start downtown problem here with the Leverett up ramp. It's backing up very quickly. It's a right lane crash. Shortly after the garden. The backup is just now reaching onto Storrow Drive. Well, the lower deck of 93 the Tobin Bridge. You're okay and Cambridge on Memorial Drive East. The right lane has taken by the Longfellow Bridge as a pedestrian crash investigation continues there. Things were pretty good on the expressway. So far so good here coming out of the city. You're moving along pretty well down to the Braintree split for the moment nor founds good for those coming in and root three south is clear. Down passed through 53..

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