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Near Irving park and Oak Park, the 61 year old woman accused of stabbing the dog is charged with aggravated cruelty to animals. It's 5 O 8 traffic and weather together on the 8th. Good morning, Neil fiorito. Good morning rob, not too much happening on the roadways as far as the expressways and the tollways go. If you're driving around the near west side, you want to avoid the area of Taylor and displays, police activity and a semi crash near that intersection, so maybe consider using Roosevelt or Halstead as an alternate few calls coming in on the Dunkin Travis tip line regarding that. 8 5 5 7 8 road that's 8 5 5 7 87 6 two three call anytime anything we see we appreciate it and we'll make sure to spread the word. The Eden's and the Kennedy both in tip top shape so far, so was I one 90 as you go to and from the O'Hara terminals. Two 90s the Eisenhower that looks good. So does the Stevenson, which is I 55. The day and Ryan 57, the bishop Ford all clear, who saw the lakeshore drive decent just know that the road war continues southbound 57th to Hayes in the right lane. Tollways, a tri state northbound, the ramp to the outbound Stevenson shutdown for road work that will continue until the end of the year. That's the plan. All the other toe waves are moving along fine just like the tri state. I 80 through Joliet looking good as well. If you're east bound through Joliet, just be prepared for a lane shift. Chicago street to Briggs and you also lose the exit to Richards, but you're able to exit at Chicago street. Roads in northwest Indiana, nice and quiet. You will need some extra windshield fluid before you head out today. Make sure you have plenty of that for your ride. For the metric traffic center, your next report at 5 18 news radio one O 5 9. Back to where the forecast for today breezy and very mild with some early sunshine giving way to clouds, a bit of drizzle this afternoon, a high of 54

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