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Now back to straight talk with Ross Mathews looking back to the program as we are all still gathering our wits about us. And Chris Chris Parker. This dish Chris saying, you guys can't my heart is about to burst. The sweetest. I I don't know him. But I feel like we're meant to be. Missouri. He's single. He is. Yeah. This follows me on Facebook. Yeah. Adorable. What are you doing right now? I'm cleaning off the only para sunglasses that I grabbed on my way out. I know those they are the sunglasses you and I got together. I mean. Yeah. On our Palm Springs weekend. Uh-huh. From the store that was like three for twenty member. That's right. Yeah. And those are your favorite one, and they are my favorite ones. I grab the only para grabbed but I thought about that storm. I wanna go back like, I miss all my sunglasses. Thanksgiving. I I don't really have any plans for thanksgiving. I know I know plans, we'll maybe we should talk no pressure, but we should talk. Okay. Okay. I wanna stay home and order like the one thing. I'm happy about being in the city because my friend lives in West Hollywood is I can order pizza, and I can order those post mate thing. Feel like I'm back in the living. So I may just order food drop dead gorgeous. That will make you thanksgiving. Yes. I think except I think a house burns down in that. Isn't there? Tell me. I think maybe there's something like that. What about like backdraft? Oh, towering inferno. Oh, come on your fires..

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