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Of course. The Rockies put third baseman Nolan Coronado on the injured list with that sword left shoulder more details for manager but black when he talks with Jack here in just a few moments, But Nolan is going to miss this final week of the season. Sam Hilliard comes up from the alternate. Training site. Couple of Giants notes pitcher Jeff So Marge is still out with a shoulder impingement. He's been there on the aisle for about a month. He's thrown a few Sim games. No firm timetable on a return. Left hander Drew Smyly has made a couple of starts since missing over a month with a strained left index finger. He has thrown seven and a third over two starts. He is scheduled to pitch tomorrow. In Game two. Outfielder Mike Extreme Ski dealing with a mild calf strain suffered late last week. He is day to day. He is not in the lineup tonight. Phillies outfielder Bryce Harper back in the lineup tonight as the Phillies are right in the thick of the wildcard race. He left yesterday's game against the Blue Jays with lower back stiffness, But our power is over three to this point tonight, that is the injury report. The window of opportunity is brought to you by lifetime windows, inciting 35% off during their Grand Slam savings sale. Call 1 800 get Windows chance for the Rockies to score. Some runs for Airman Mark is 35 runs total in his start, and when he's been on the mound in his five road starts, Iraqis have only been able to put up 10 runs at Oracle Park. Not too bad over the course of his career. Of course, he had the splendid one hit complete game shutout last April overall at Oracle, two and three with the A at 4.98 in 34, a third innings. Bitched. We'll see if Marquez can get some run support and the Rockies Khun get a win that they need. That is the window of opportunity Manager by Black will sit down with Jack organ as we continue on.

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