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That's worth exploring until kind of the weld opens backup brian. We just one for earth day that was virtual had a number of people. join across. you know all time zones bringing it's actually a surreal topic like the wikipedia article on earth yet is like an incredibly refined article lots of a good example of both the humor and the delight of warring where it's like. Do you put on the earth article when anyone on earth connecticut. Yeah wow it's like try something trying to define itself isn't it. There's also a wikipedia article on wikipedia. Where you could go see that happen. I was gonna say not only. Does the earth page represent. Kind've the delights of wikipedia but also just sort of the the weirdness and even some of the potential for We'd information to be on that. Like looking at flat earth sort of stuff. Does that come into that sort of page it'll from we should look. You should have a look. But i just wonder you know interesting to see of course where you know. There's a lot of people who believe that despite the sort of the the best knowledge that we have available saying the contrary. I guess just as we sort of start to ductile out of this conversation that could probably keep going up forever. What would you say to people who have never really did they tell us in this issue before. Like why should they care. And what are some of the first steps. They could take to be involved. Who wickham pedia is really an effort towards the future So in contrast to a lot of what we do online which is right in email or make a post really all about like timely short-term yup media efforts wikipedia is very much like. You're writing something for the future. You're writing something for somebody else to learn from to understand the world better. And i like to just encourage people real emotional place that like you know something. You probably know a lot of things and you could share some of the things you know. You know the references that you have for those things it could be about. Your community could be about your school. It could be about your favorite You know actors scholars scientists film. You're actually enriching the world for others. It's incredibly generous to to participate in free knowledge because you're basically making a donation to human understanding and to take part in that you should find the things on wikipedia that you care about the look a little. I would say bereft like thin like find the thin areas about things you know about and you will find the in those areas you know. Help is welcome At its are welcomed. Photographs are welcome. References are welcome People want those things to grow and that's also true about other projects which data with comments where we're trying to collect photographs and data points The release like you know. I started editing wikipedia. When i was in high school and i i basically add it. It's very selfish. But i asked to my high school's page. Because i discovered the rival high school had a much bigger page hustle. Like it's okay to be selfish while you can be like things. I care about something to work on them. And later i started to notice all these adjacent topics that weren't really well covered. But were maybe a more neutral like Communities how many people lived there. You know there is a park in my town. It didn't have a almost any definition side. Looked up when it was founded. You start adding small things. It's really a lego brick process. Like you're just like adult who brick and magical thing is you're gonna find out you're not alone..

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