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Well. Fourth down four. To be a delay of game penalty against Gaiters and so field goal opportunity again for MacPherson. Who is two of three today. The bullet went over to the official the sideline, he said, Game clock operator please reset the game clock 1 23 123 on the game clock. He said. I'm not going to call a time out. I'll just take a five yard penalty. So they put time back on the clock, The 1 23, and here comes Evan McPherson, who has made kicks from 50 and 51 yards today, missed for the first time all season earlier, though, from 40, for this will be his shortest attempt of the day. Page 33 yard attempt. For the junior from Fort Payne, Alabama, picking towards the South End zone wind at his back. This is a chip shot for this young man. It's a good snap. A spot kick is in the air and three more for Florida. His good buddy store 44 28 3rd Field goal of the day for Evan McPherson. Successful drive there for the Gators taken advantage of the interception thrown by Dewan Mathis. They get good field position, and then they just run the football. Make sure they don't turn it over and then drive with a kick. A pretty good performance from Florida. Especially. We talked about it bill the way that this rivalry game has gone the last three years been in control of the Georgia Bulldogs, and then they got behind early out of the game, but they didn't.

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