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Because i know that on different levels. We've all done different things. Obviously rich has been a sarah guy for a long time Technology technology technology can mean a lot of things used like like what have what have you frank. Traynor that sorry. That's what have you. What kind of added that. You felt like was worthwhile. And i wanna talk about why we have the technology but what what kind of stuff you as you know. Yeah i added a cbc t in an terro yup and like post. I read last night. Us two percent of it so i'm looking for a so trial. Sorry i bought the. Cbc has been great. I look at it from. Roi in you know. yeah. I think there's there's two there i don't wanna say there's too much technology because if you start you know squashing that then it's not a free market and then people can't be early adopters and you figure it out and you're you're just. Cbc hands over fist great investment. Even if i didn't bring a surgeon on the tarot a little more hiccups. And i've got the patience of rich so i just stopped using it after thirteen seconds. And i said i can't like my sarah. I remember those days whenever those didn't even rich out and go god help clayton and he's just anyway. There's no helping. But i love technology. I'm not one of those that Like i've got a guy across the street that buys everything Star my question about technology is okay so i have a scanner over three m scanner. It's okay i i would. I had if i had to do it again. I might have done something differently. I went i went for the least expensive one works really well but there. There's some things about it that i don't love the powder's drag In any case. But like i also. I have all the microscopes which are weird because they look like technology. But they're not they're actually analog lenses. So that's a You know we. We've added some technology. But i don't really market my technology. The question is technology. Worth it for patient outcomes being better or is it worth it to the market that you have a technology. I honestly wonder if that depends more on like how competitive your areas and stuff like that like. I'm wondering if if say frank or rich can benefit from marketing technology. More than i could in a smaller area something like that. What do you guys think about that. Well brent us sitting here. We're kind of tech using your office. So i think the biggest thing that we added several years ago za trae a scanner. That just changed my world Just simply because now crown seats you know have gone from thirty minutes down to like three. Isn't that dropped the crown on. And actually i don't. I don't even do the crown seats anymore..

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