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Whether it was just a lack of confidence in him as a true three down back or whether just he hadn't sweated enough tape yet on on marlon mack i then asked him directly asked to fouled question they said do you see marlon mack has a true three down back and again he was just like i want to evaluate a more i need some more time here the sense that i got is that no that they like him we'll see how it plays out but i wouldn't be surprised if whether is through the draft or free agency they add another running back and they see a bit of a a complimentary peace there immoral amac remains a third down guy a twominute guy big play guy but not somebody that they're you know counting on to grind it between the tackles 1820 times a game with you there so couple of the pieces of of news i think that more maybe the frank right comments are more of an unindicted but more of that he can get you getting up to speed right yes scott a workout worry about players like his quarterback and some other guys had our major needs other brought him back news just as her put bowen some of these things doug martin got released by the tampa bay buccaneers no prize they are the ultimate ultimately the bucks running back that you want for 2018 is one does not currently on the roster you act right it somebody who will be sign of free agency or drafted in late april they need running back it's pretty apparent i dunno the dealt with the march with the doug martin market will be it might be he might wait around for awhile the fbi backup only now you know the reality the reality and he has not looked it's been awhile since he's looked impressive yet it's been awhile um i will say that dumb listening to durr qatar's comments he certainly uh realizes they've got a lot of work to do on their.

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