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I gone with mario lopez. Join me now on zoom actor-comedian producer. My gosh shawn wayans. Welcome back man how you been. What up mario. How's it going. It's going well it's going. Well where are you speaking to us from. Is that your personal librarian right there. My little office. Nice those are. Dvd's yeah the. Oh good. I feel better i got a lot of. Dvd's to changed brother ain't that smart napa know is like because i haven't the second no i still have a ton of my dvd's but now because you can stream everything you don't really but like what do you do with all these dvd. You weighed in eat them and watch the because the truth is streaming ain't always one hundred percent. The wifi goes down. If the truth and got nothing to watch you got nothing. I keep my. Dvd's with me. May i like it. Morio also has a huge laser disc election bit..

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