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A lot of points and then offensively you're controlling time of possession that's gonna make opposing teams one dimensional on offense and with the talent that they have coming back for that houston texas defense that could be scary combination what does shawn watson did last year was nothing short of a miracle this team they're only quality offense of lyman above average going into the air is the left tackle he held out never played for them without desha watson before he got the lineup then after he left the lineup this team averaged thirteen points again thirteen with them they average thirty five like so same offense of lyman same skill position guys he was first multiplayer he was exponential multiplier for them and for the receiver though to show him what does shawn watson pardon me tian jerry hopkins new copkiller some of the best hands in football one of those talented guys league guy that has had three separate twelve hundred yard seasons despite i'll do quickly these quarterbacks who have thrown doom shaab keenum yates fitzpatrick mallet savage hoyer weeden daniels not sure what daniels that isn't ain't chase osweiler to shawn watson and hynick heyneke taylor ineke those are the quarterback he's had in his five years in a league no receiver has had to deal with a worst quarterback situation than him and he has been productive despite that i mean i think this combo could be deadly i remember before we got warren moon i went through a very similar situation as de'andre went through got warm moon broke nfl record hundred twenty two catches seven touchdowns following year with so excited we now we had the whole season so not like them they got robbed of most of the season and the next year warren i came back we just talked about the things we were going to be able to do how do we duplicate what we did was like we're going to be better chris i was like how are we going to be better he said man because i'm gonna get you back on the touchdown track in the red zone i missed you a lot last year unite.

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